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CIVL Shuffle — November 15, 2017



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy has been enjoying the lead up to the Fraser Valley Music Awards, and here are some songs that are either awesome, or have to do with people involved with the FVMAs!

The Odds – Someone Who Is Cool

The Odds are a band whose singles one might be tempted to describe to an uninitiated pupil of the ‘90s as Canada’s Fastball, with singles that burrow deep within that good ol’ factory’s sense, and what’s more, I say the lyrics wax salient observational humour to polish it all off.

Brad Meldhau – Moon River

Brad Meldhau’s brilliant reworking of classic pop, rock, and standard hits and deep cuts constantly serves to help one define their own sense of personal calm. If it weren’t for his abstract jazz interpretations of a good few of Radiohead’s best songwriting, he even tackles “Moon River” with excitement.

Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

I first heard this song when then-Western Jaguar drummer AJ Buckley wasn’t playing at the Carport with DJ Smoke Weed Guy (actually) whom I thought Buckley’s band mates were, but were not. Go figure. Anyway, I thought it was actually “Mr. Postman.” Imagine my shame walking in the SUB.

Big Sugar – Better Get Used To It

The band that made Canadian rock reggae a thing that happened with a guy that kinda even maybe looked a little bit like Otto from The Simpsons, and also totally played two guitars in one. This is what I sing to myself when I see the success of local bands.

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