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CIVL Shuffle — February 7, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy pays homage to the UFV Cascades basketball teams’ regular seasons, and recalls some songs he’s been going back to lately.

Dynamite Hack Anyways

Also receiving solo secret song piano ballad treatment on the Phat Pharm showcase project Dynamite Hack’s debut Superfast record, this second single gets looked over behind the now classic nerd-rock rendition of Boyz in Da Hood. The seminal NWA re-work of a slow jam itself was a radio staple at the century’s turn.

Kid Rock Only God Knows Why

I don’t know if there’s any excuse in the world that justifies Kid Rock, the multi-million selling, recent NHL All-Star game performer whose most recognizable hit includes a title that does not use any words, claiming “I’ve been givin, I just ain’t been gettin, but I ain’t seen mine,” but…

The Flaming Lips Turn it On

The title of this one is essentially an apt description of what UFV’s women’s basketball team can accomplish when the pressure’s on, when they flipped a switch Saturday night, and run roughshod over the Bison to clinch themselves a playoff berth after allowing Manitoba the same honour on Friday night.

Akron/Family Last Year

On the men’s side, this perennial favourite of mine explains how they feel, and rightly so, going into this next season, having graduated no senior players, and featuring a starting lineup that fixes to spend some serious time in the weight room over the summer. Plus, Nav.

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