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CIVL Shuffle — May 30, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is happy to be back in town. It’s a New Day Co-Op. :)

The Game ft. Drake – “100”

Staying true to yourself is the theme in this collab that name drops the Biggie/Pac dispute which may or may not have led to either or both’s untimely demise as well as flame throwing from Meek Mills and a Bermuda Triangle reference to the world’s greatest basketball player.

Tool – “Forty-Six and Two”

In honour of the previous track’s implementation of simple arithmetic in the chorus, Drake claiming “All I ever ask is keep it eight more than 92 with me, 100.” Here’s another song that focuses on a math problem, but perhaps also keeps it real in a chemical way, sort of.

Radiohead – “2+2 = 5”

Thom Yorke is no stranger to songs that utilize numerical relations in order to illuminate traits of the modern life, here lamenting the hold of propaganda as it relates to absolute power and the need for an acquiescent populous, eating up doublethink and regurgitating party slogans like MAGA et al.

Yo Gotti – “Rack it Up”

This song joins us due to the featured verse, split in two on the video version, wherein our heroine insists on recognizing that she enjoys, desires to, or effectively accomplishes the act regularly of racing to China, where I’ve recently returned from visiting over the past 10 days or so!

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