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CIVL Shuffle — October 17, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy visited Kelowna this week for the first time as part of the West Coast Music Awards (WCMA) and Breakout West, where not only were a couple of the below artists represented, but where we also saw Fraser Valley Music Award winners Hope and Mamarudegyal MTHC (Hip-Hop), Jada Klein (Youth), and Manitoban alumni of the CIVL airwaves in members of Yes We Mystic! Come out Friday at I-Lead for even more great local music!

Blessed – “Endure”

I saw the best performance yet of this song, as the local forebearers of noisy experimental punk licks played two blistering performances this weekend, for two legitimately hilarious crowds; night two involved what looked like an RCMP marching band, while night one was almost exclusively tall, dreaded (white) stoner dudes.

The Kwerks – “Carry Me”

This song was performed on stage at the Mission Folk Music Festival this past summer, not only by its original songwriter, Laura Kwerk (Koch), but by a slew of talented Canadian songstresses in a workshop that also included this year’s WCMA winner for Indigenous Artist, Celeigh Cardinal and her backing band.

Casino’s – “Bad Decisions”

I’m going to say that this one’s on purpose, because it’s got to be the last time, and used here for effect, but it’s essentially reliable that every single individual show this band puts on is going to have some sort of scheduling conflict or encroachment, evoking this song’s title.

Real Boys – “Wilderness”

Let’s get these guys back together, shall we? After a second round ousting at CiTR 101.9 FM UBC’s annual shindig at the late Railway Club, and an essential blending of members with the ultimately Montreal-based band Oh No! Yoko, this band resulted in only one EP and single.

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