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UFV’s a pretty small university, right? It certainly feels like that, when we’ve got a handful of monolithic institutions an hour’s drive away. The Cascade even ran a feature back in 2016 called “Sometimes small is kind of cool,” talking about the upsides to our small student body and class sizes.

But recently, I was speaking to a couple of students who worked at other university newspapers, and mentioned that I was from a small school, with around 14,000 students. (My number may have been off, but more or less.) They were taken aback and laughed that I called that “small.” Both were from Nova Scotia, one from Dalhousie, which they considered a big school (with its approximately 19,000 students) and the other from St. Francis Xavier University, which has just under 4,000.

While UFV certainly has nothing on the likes of UBC in terms of size, maybe we shouldn’t think of our school as small. Maybe I’ll go with calling it “midsized” next time.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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