A slave to freedom



I love owning my own car, but I also hate owning my own car. The freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want is handy. However, cars tend to eat your wallet for breakfast, and the waste produced by the staggering number of cars on our roads is wreaking havoc on our environment and the air we breathe. It seems the more I think about it, the amount of cons to owning my own car vastly outnumbers the pros. So why is this big blue hunk of metal still sitting outside my home? It’s because living in Abbotsford without owning a vehicle is inherently impossible.

The state of bus routes in Abbotsford is disheartening. There are still many places around the city that receive intermittent service, don’t receive service past 5 p.m., or don’t receive service at all. Abbotsford is a rapidly growing city, so you would think that with the amount of people we have moving here, Abbotsford officials would think to improve our public transit system, so we can effectively transport them all. Sadly, it simply isn’t feasible to live without a car in this city, so my not-so-trusty rustbucket remains in my possession.

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