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Aching for autumn



While most people come alive in summer, I wilt kind of like the hostas are doing right now in my front yard. I loathe having to wear sunscreen when leaving the house for more than 10 minutes, the mosquitos have a particular affinity for the way my blood tastes, and the heat makes me grouchy. Having said that, being near the lake is a passable way to spend the hot days, but soon enough, I’m ready to move on to better things.

Those better things being autumn I live for autumn. Cool breezes, crunchy leaves, and clouds? Sign me up. Not to mention classic spooky movie marathons and pumpkin spice everything. (See last October’s snapshot.) As soon as September hits, my fingers are kept firmly crossed that the sun will disappear beyond the horizon, and leave me to sit, cozy and happy, in my oversized sweaters and fluffy socks while the wind carries on outside.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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