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AGM presents SUS audit and goal plans from 2017 year



The Student Union Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) did not meet quorum this past Friday, April 27.

The outcome of the financial audit, as well as a review of the goals made and met by Gurvir Gill, the re-elected SUS president, and Jaleen Mackay, the re-elected vice president internal were presented to the seven audience members in attendance. Planned motions were moved to the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) that will be held in late May.

Heaven-Leigh Petersen, CPA from MNP began by giving a presentation on the results of an independent audit of SUS’s 2017 fiscal year finances. Peterson looked at the society’s assets, expenses, and revenue for the year in order to assess SUS’s status.

SUS received a clean audit report overall. Nothing was found that was glaringly concerning regarding the society’s financials, according to Petersen.

“We take a sample of transactions that happened throughout the year and make sure that they are recorded in the right year, the right time frame, the right amount, and that they are being allocated to the right expense category,” said Petersen. “We also look at changes from year to year.”

The presentations progressed to a review of Gill’s goal plan and activities from his 2017-2018 year in his role as president. A calendar overview revealed the day-to-day meetings and the conferences attended, as well as the various tasks to be accomplished. In addition, Gill provided a breakdown of the goals he made at the beginning of his term, and what was accomplished through to completion, as well as tasks unable to be done.  

Among the accomplishments were the introduction of the Advanced Leadership Program, extended hours in the SUB during finals, the opening of the Pride Centre, the Collegium, and the New Student Orientation day added in January. It was mentioned that the intended film showcasing the breakdown of services offered by SUS was not completed due to time and technology constraints.

“When I came to this role I was really excited. My experience in student involvement was leadership,” said Gill. “Trying to give students opportunities. … From there we were able to get some type of leadership program going, the Advanced Leadership Program, which I was really excited to see happen.”

Mackay’s colour coded 2017– 2018 Goal Plan presentation followed Gill’s. Two of her larger goals that were made at the beginning of her term — the video breakdown of documentation and forming a committee for Clubs and Associations — were not met due to the election platform not working and unavailable equipment. In addition, both her and Gill ran into time constraints due to illness and extra duties added throughout their term. Among her successes were the Health and Dental Plan brochures being translated into languages including Punjabi and Japanese.

“I met most of my goals. … 14 out of 19 of my general goals were met. Five out of six major goals were met,” said Mackay.

The audit documents will be available for viewing online. The SUS EGM will be Tuesday, May 22, at noon in Evered Hall at UFV’s Abbotsford campus.

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