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Are they self-cleaning?



When I throw in my bi-weekly load of laundry I often wonder if I should toss my bath towels in too. Of course the bath towels need to be washed, but I never know how often they should be washed. The towel is only being used to dry my clean self after stepping out of the shower, therefore are the towels really all that dirty? Maybe they’re “self-cleaning” like Chandler’s description of the bar of soap him and Joey share?

I’ve heard some say that they wash their bath towels after every shower. Okay, so when my partner and I only have four bath towels (that amount is another can of worms) in our home and shower every day, we’re having to do a load of laundry at least every two days just for towels. That’s a lot of extra going back and forth between my couch and the washing machine. Others have said once a week. Using the same towel seven times before a full wash doesn’t seem right either. If you’ve found the bath-towel-washing-schedule-enlightenment, please spread the love my way.


A Bath Towel Concerned Individual

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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