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Art of the Month: February



Finding Balance

Katherine Strand

Various metals, wood, moss, flowers, vines, plant

Artist statement:

Within my art-marking process there’s no constant. I’m always changing, I’m always developing and looking for new inspiration. My life is a balancing act. Friends, family, school, work, obligations, and it feels like there is never enough time for it all. This work reflects how fragile balancing life can be. If you lean too far on one side, the other side will fall.


Lynda Walchuk

Photo Intaglio and Chine-Colle Print

Artist statement:

I have used a photo of a willow tree. It has two large branches and a hollow bowl in the middle. As the snow continues falling, the tree’s hollow bowl becomes higher and higher with the snow. It was so beautiful; the silence becomes magical, very secretive and full of imagination. I sketched in two cedar trees to create a sense of harmony. I sketched four ladies, each one out of a feather. They all have long, braided hair in the shape of hearts, and the ladies were central in my composition; they are the Chine-Colle. I felt the ladies were observing the arrival of the canoe, creating a feel of distance. I added small drops of snow and feathers to my print for added contentment.


Amanda Vergara

Acrylic on canvas

Artist statement:

To create a painting involves movement. Within life, there is movement that surrounds one another. This style of painting had originally began my Movement series, which was created shortly after the passing of a beloved one. With a dark edge on the canvas that morphs into a light wash, the painting flows and creates movement in itself. I, as the artist, have some control over what colours to use and where to initially place them, but I let go of that control when it comes to one colour dripping or mixing into another. Letting go and moving forward through art has helped me greatly. We are and always will be in movement no matter what life we may be living in.

Mushroom Mountains

Roger Sandwich

Collage (paper cut)

Artist statement:

When I saw a book introducing different mushrooms with colour sketches, I got a fuzzy idea to create a collage project. I played with the mushroom pictures to improve my ideas. I learned this layout from a Chinese ink painting.

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