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Snapshot: I won’t sit for this

So while UFV’s toilets may be a bit wasteful, I have to rescind some of my previous criticisms. I’d much prefer their over-enthusiasm to the kind of shame that will keep me out of that McDonald’s forever.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

An experience like no other: from UFV to East Africa to...

If the experience of studying abroad appeals to you but you're itching for a break from classrooms and want to do something practical, social work student Lisa Harrington might have just the answer for you. She's part of a unique project at UFV: the East Africa Internship Program.

Netflix’s Dirk Gently is absurd in the best way

I only got around to watching one show over the winter break, and through some considerable luck, it turned out to be one that, while certainly not for everyone, was definitely for me.

UFV shows heart with snow art

With snow covering the grounds, UFV students flexed their artistic muscles. What had been intended as a walk to find the best snowmen on campus showed that our student body has transcended simple snowmen (since there were none to be found) and has opted to show their immense creativity with more original forms of artwork. Their detailed, well thought-out, and thoroughly impactful works are all over campus — you just need to know where to look.

Snapshot: How Canada Post stole Christmas

In the leadup to Christmas, like any good student with exams to prepare for and The Cascade crosswords to design, I skipped all that “shopping” nonsense and ordered a bunch of presents online. Anticipating last-minute shoppers and the holiday rush, I even gave myself lots of extra time for them to arrive.

Celebrating National Trivia Day, UFV style

As we emerge, shivering and sad, from the winter break and plunge back into the world of classes, commutes, and coursework, it’s important to take a moment to think about things that matter most in life. Or, if you don’t feel like that, how about distracting yourself with some trivia about the place where you go to school?

Snapshot: I won’t sit for this!

So, here's the deal. I've had enough with this excessive hypersensitivity ruining UFV. I am, of course, talking about the toilets. Now, as someone who spends a lot of time on campus, I'm generally quite happy with the quality of UFV's bathrooms. They're usually clean, I've never run out of toilet paper, they don't smell, that's all great. Good job to the janitorial staff.

Helping children through the power of gaming

For nine years running, UFV students have raised money for children in hospitals around the world through the power of gaming, and this year they brought in over $4,000. The computing student association's (CSA) Child's Play fundraiser took over the Great Hall of the Student Union Building all day on Friday, November 18, running through the night into Saturday morning.