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Joel Robertson-Taylor


Finding the right fit for student focused learning

As part of UFV’s initiative to bring enhanced learning opportunities to students, the Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT) has been created to support faculty in creating or facilitating unique curriculum designs.

Paying for school: advice to the inadvisable, from the ill-advised

This isn’t a comprehensive guide or how-to on paying for and affording school, but hopefully it’s a start. It hasn’t covered everything for a reason — this is university, time to take the thumb out of your mouth and tie your own shoes. You’re responsible for your decisions, that’s the blessing of having complete authority to reach your goals or fail yourself.

Proud strides across a rainbow road

The installation of a rainbow crosswalk signifies — and has made — considerable progress for both UFV and members of the Pride Collective. The crosswalk, located in front of Abbotsford’s A building, was laid down in order to represent both the attempts UFV has made to make the institution a safe, welcoming place.

Dana Hospitalies moves in as new food provider

Starting this fall semester, UFV’s new food services provider will engage students through their culinary diction. Dana Hospitalities, replacing Sodexo as the provider, has joined the university in order to provide healthy and affordable food options to students and staff on campus.

Women’s soccer grad selected for international competition

"Shelby Beck, who just completed her fifth season with the varsity women’s soccer team, is next going to be representing Canada at an international competition in Brazil. Speaking about the opportunity to play on a world stage, Beck says Brazil will be a new experience. Although she has done a lot of travelling for soccer, it has all remained within the United States and Canada."

The Jungle Book, despite updated technology, is still a safe Disney...

"For many potential viewers, the thought of a repackaging of a childhood favourite in a sleek and near seamless reproduction may have been enough to write off The Jungle Book as another Disney cheap trick, a get-rich-quick sucker punch at nostalgia. But the thing about this creation of The Jungle Book is that it doesn’t carry the typical notes of a rip-off. In fact, for a remake it actually feels rather respectable."

With academic violations, education may be the key to preventing fake...

"Regardless of reparation, academic misconduct is considered to be prohibited because it negates the efforts of the institution to educate. Any number of reasons could be listed as to why it’s wrong, but at the end of the day it simply doesn’t benefit the violator other than through the gamble for a better grade — unless grades are considered a currency."

Holi event celebrates diversity at UFV

"Think of a celebration where everybody is seen as equal, everyone there for the pure enjoyment of the event. All of those people outside the SUB throwing coloured powder at each other last Thursday were doing this as they celebrated Holi, an Indian cultural event that takes place on the full moon day of the Phagun month of the Hindu calendar."

Writing the truth

"When I tell people I like to write, a common response is, “Ah, I wish I was a good writer, too.” I didn’t say I was any good — I said I enjoyed it. Truthfully, writing is really easy. What’s difficult is being honest: not simply telling the truth of a matter, but being honest with and about ourselves."

In the twilight of his career, Iggy Pop looks back, with...

"If you’re an Iggy Pop fan, dating back to his work from when Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever were on the big screen, or even since Nixon stepped down from the presidency, you might have mixed feelings about his newest album, Post Pop Depression. It’s an album that demands you get comfortable, do whatever you do, and listen to the whole album through."