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It’s not a race

Why do we applaud students who take five to six courses a semester, overwork themselves, and get a low-to-average GPA? Then, when we hear...

Tove Lo tries sexy ballads

Swedish singer Tove Lo is known for her raw, brutally honest lyrics, and she stays on-brand throughout her latest album Blue Lips. The breakout...

#MeToo, too

Protesting social issues is becoming a trend. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, actress Alyssa Milano brought attention to the awareness campaign...

To new students, from a former new student

Entering university can be daunting. Navigating a new environment, while figuring out the workings of the academic world, is bound to be stressful. The...

Yoga is choc(olate) full of fun

There’s nothing better than combining the decadence of chocolate with the relaxation of yoga. On Tuesday, November 22, UFV's yoga club and mental health awareness club did just that. The yoga session incorporated mindful eating into the poses.

Snapshot: Jingle bell hell

Tis the season I abhor. November 12, the day after Remembrance Day, unofficially marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Malls are full, decorations are out, and chocolate is appearing everywhere. Although there are a few things I do enjoy about the holiday, namely the food and candy canes, there’s one part I absolutely cannot stand: Christmas music.

Breaking through the generational stereotypes

A common one you might have encountered is age. I’m not just talking about the tired fights over music or art, I’m referring instead to the sweeping statements that all the youth today are sensitive, smoothie-drinking hippies in yoga pants, or that all elderly folks are judgmental, stingy conservatives with walkers.

Art Battle Brings Competitive Painting to Chilliwack Campus

UFV’s Chilliwack campus was host to the 431st Art Battle in Canada on Thursday, October 20. Held in the Trades and Technology Centre, the battle was an array of booths set up along the halls leading guests to centre stage where the canvases stood on easels awaiting their artists.

Snapshot: Aid for Student Aid

After now getting my fee deferral extended twice, going without a computer, taking on extra jobs to buy school supplies, saying no to outings with friends, and having to ask family for food, I have been assured that my loan will be deposited sometime in the next week. By this point, I have lost all faith in Student Aid BC’s ability to assist people with disabilities in achieving post-secondary education.

Art Battle comes to Chilliwack Campus

There’s a new sport coming to UFV, and it’s called the Art Battle. Artists will go head-to-head in three heats, painting a spectacular piece, each in only 20 minutes. Only one victor will emerge, and the still-wet canvasses will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is a new kind of spectator sport with full audience participation.