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From SXSW to the desert, Little Wild finds adventure

Little Wild is Layton Keely (guitar, vocals), Jake Holmes (drums), Josh Erickson (bass), and Zach Keely (guitar, keyboards, trombone, and backing vocals). The band talked to The Cascade about their longest and most eventful road trip to the South by Southwest music festival, the reasons behind their name change, and what the future holds.

When the sun comes out, the cricket club practices at the...

If you’ve been at the Abbotsford campus in the past couple of weeks, you’ve most likely seen a group of bat-wielding students out by the path that leads from Tim Horton’s to C and D buildings. If you’re anything like me, you probably had no idea that UFV has a functioning cricket club. Club president Yadwinder Sharma and team manager Bommy Ahuja were gracious enough to answer some of my questions when I ran up to them one sunny afternoon and interrupted their practice.

Album review: Tokyo Police Club — Forcefield

When I heard that Tokyo Police Club was going to release a new album, Forcefield, after four years of having heard nothing from them, I freaked out.

Book review: Joyland by Stephen King

Even if you’ve never read any of his books, you know who Stephen King is. People usually associate King with blood-curdling horror stories that would frighten the elderly into early graves if they ever read one.

Album Review: Danny Brown – Old

I don’t think anyone really likes Danny Brown’s voice the first time they’re exposed to it. I remember I didn’t when I first heard a track from Brown’s 2013 Old.

Q&A: Western Jaguar

In a house somewhere in Mission, surrounded by a small sea of guitars, amplifiers, and various electrical equipment, a young man sits poised in front of a microphone, guitar in hand, looping pedals at the ready.

Album Review: Western Jaguar — Glacia

Glacia, Western Jaguar’s (AKA Jeffrey Trainor’s) debut album, starts on a sombre note; the opening track, “Darby,” builds up from a simple guitar melody to incorporate horns, drums, electric guitar, and strings.

Q&A: Casinos

Casinos are rapidly becoming a staple in the Abbotsford music scene; if you haven’t heard of them yet, believe me, you will soon.