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Sailing aimless-ishly

I seem to have not planned out this whole education thing. Don’t get me wrong, the boat is going in the desired direction, but...

UFV HR major now CPHR accredited

The bachelor of business administration’s human resources major gained accreditation by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) B.C. and Yukon, for the fall...

Soundbite: Peter Silberman – Impermanence

Peter Silberman’s solo debut Impermanence dropped in February of 2017, and gives us low-key relaxing vibes. The 30-year-old New Yorker’s album opens with “Karuna,”...

Snapshot: Summer selection

Over the past week I have asked around among friends and fellow students about how they felt about the course selection this summer. The...

Soundbite: Thundercat — Drunk

After listening to Thundercat’s Drunk, I must say, I need a drink myself. Drunk must be the quirkiest album I have ever sat down...

Snapshot: Inkling for an inking

Years have passed since getting a tattoo was often on my mind. The questions you ask yourself are endless. Am I gonna go with some Chinese character that means courage or love or some bullshit like that? Or maybe something closer to home, a symbol of my heritage?

UFV students serve up delicious Valentine’s dinner

The Valentine’s theme was present at the Rivers Dining Room Valentine’s dinner on February 16, but not overbearing. Attendees comprised of mainly couples, ranging from young lovebird students, all the way to well-seasoned power couples, and the food was prepared by UFV’s culinary students.

Gold hits the jackpot

McConaughey, a gold prospector in search of the next big find. After hitting rock bottom, and hanging out down there for a while, Wells enjoys the warmth of a liquor binge and has an alcohol-induced dream of a risky mining exploration. Wells joins forces with his business partner Michael Acosta (played by Édgar Ramírez), an ambitious and hopeful geologist who suspects a location in Indonesia has an abundance of gold.

Professor Profile: Ron Dart

It was a sunny morning and I was sitting in Clik Bistro, enjoying a delicious breakfast burrito and perfectly blackened Americano and unaware of how important the topic of the interview I was about to do truly is. Last semester I had the pleasure of taking Politics and Ideology (political science 120) with Dr. Ron Dart.