Oregano combats springtime allergies!

“Amongst its other qualities, oil of oregano can also calm your digestive system, help you fight infections, and serves as an alternative source of iron, calcium, and vitamins C and E. Yes, oil of oregano can help rouse a tired student — add that to your list of caffeine alternatives!”

Fear and isolation

“For now, our hearts are with Belgium and the people of Brussels. We grieve with them, and hope that they can find strength within like Paris to not be overcome with hatred and fear, but to find their strength in uniting together after this tragedy.”

Poetry reading touches the soul

“Last Thursday I attended a multilingual poetry reading at the Kariton Art Gallery, a small quaint building dressed in red sitting on the edge of Mill Lake. Two hours passed like nothing, as if I had only just arrived to find the time run out. It left me wanting, longing for more while knowing there wasn’t any left — and I wasn’t alone.”

UFV hosts Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

This week sees the gym on Abbotsford campus playing host to the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair. The fair features projects from individual students as well as classrooms, and is a contribution to B.C.’s “Youth Science Month.” The fair runs through April 1.

With latest Life Link demonstration, flags on the green still in bad taste

“UFV Life Link’s pro-life demonstrations seldom fail to elicit a reaction from students and faculty. Last year’s rally featured speeches from mothers who chose not to abort, small plastic fetuses, and a smattering of pamphlets with “facts” about the dangers of abortion.”

Exhibit contrasts the beauty of nature with the destructive hands of humanity

“Naples’ exhibit, “Organic,” consists of simple, yet intricately handmade paper leaves with a wire silhouette. She was inspired to create her pieces when she saw the dried leaves in her backyard begin to curl. At the same time, she observed the effect of how a paper lamp could make a “sculptural object.” Naples used this effect to curl her own paper to create the large leaves that hang from the ceiling near the back of the exhibit.”

New student groups move into SUB office rooms

“After going through the application process and proving that the group was in need of space on campus and would use it well, last August saw SUS informing successful groups that they’d been granted space for the following 12 months.”

Our attitude towards refugees is not a small thing

“This refugee crisis will not end overnight. There are still many people without homes, food, and / or shelter. Our attitude towards these refugees will determine the nature of our community. We need to abandon the “us versus them” mentality and remember that in Canada “us” includes everybody.”

In praise of peaceful protest

“On March 21, I witnessed a pro-life and pro-choice protest in the inner courtyard of UFV’s Abbotsford campus. These two groups seemed to have very strongly-held positions that, to my amazement, were able to be communicated in a civil manner despite the opposing viewpoints.”

When did gyms become a zone of shame

“How can you mock someone for wanting to better themselves? The point of a gym is to help people lead better, healthier lives. But they won’t stick to it if we mock them while they’re there. Remember, no one is too fat for the gym, but you can be too cocky.”