There’s a SUS election?

The first time I voted in a Student Union Society election was during my second year at UFV. I don’t remember why I didn’t vote during my first but it…

The future of history

In an effort to provide flexibility to students, UFV’s history department is offering its first upper-level online course. David Milobar, associate professor with the history department and the courses’ instructor,…

Snapshot: Snapgram?

I like Snapchat. The face filters are pretty fun and the inability to like others’ posts takes away (some of) the incentive to post excessive self-portraits and fish for self-validation….

Running out of student roles

This is the time of year where not only am I hit with a slew of midterms, term paper proposals, and group projects, but also a slew of emails letting…

SUS creates “seeking reconciliation” student award

Nominations opened Tuesday for the second annual Student Union Society’s (SUS) student awards, now including a seeking reconciliation award. As outlined in the nomination package, the award “recognizes a student…

Soundbite: Ryan Adams — Prisoner

Ryan Adams’ newest album Prisoner starts out with a question: “Do You Still Love Me?” The opening track is a slow yet driving start that promises good things to come,…

Snapshot: Pass on Gas

Getting gas has to be one of my least favourite things to do in the world. There’s nothing I hate more than getting out of my car, especially when it’s cold, to just stand there and pump gas.

Wiped Out: The downside to being part of a risk averse generation

Of course it would be during a rainstorm, on the Oregon coast and three hours away from the closest mechanic, that my windshield wipers decided to stop working. A drastic change from how I imagined my reading break to start out, I quickly learned just how hard driving without wipers can be.

The flags are back

After nearly six months since its removal, the Student Union Society’s (SUS) international flag display — now called the SUB atrium community flag display — is flying strong again.