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Beautiful British Columbia



I’ve moved over 10 times and have lived in five provinces and one state, from eastern to western North America, and I have to say, the Fraser Valley is my favourite. So last semester, my love for the province inspired me to take a third-year biology course on the biogeographical zones of B.C., and some of the great plethora of plants and animals that call it home.

I’m not going to lie, the course load was pretty heavy so much to memorize but it made me appreciate living here even more. B.C. is rich in biological diversity, including species not found anywhere else in the world. It boasts some of the rarest biomes on Earth, such as part of the Pacific temperate rainforest, which covers only ~0.6 per cent of the planet. Our topography allows for a wide range of different biomes, including wet coastal climates, valley grasslands, boreal forests, northern tundra, and more.
Living here, one can easily become used to the surroundings and not notice/consider them as much; I hope this small reminder helps you feel a little more lucky to be in this very unique and beautiful land!

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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