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The other day I was hugged by a cat. I was literally pulled into a tight, loving, furry, and slightly scratchy embrace. Cats are generally known for their aloof and disinterested nature when it comes to their human companions, so this already counted as a fairly strange occurrence. But to someone who has spent all her life enjoying a mutual agreement with these creatures that went something along the lines of, “I’ll steer clear of you, and you won’t care if I fall off the earth,” it was quite alarming. In fact, I have recently started noticing more and more cats who are showering me with love and affection.

I smell something evil afoot.

To give you a bit more context into the situation, I am very allergic to cats. I repeat. VERY ALLERGIC TO CATS! So you must understand when I tell you that I have come to believe all cats, as a species, have made a collective decision, and are now out to get me. For what, I have no idea, as it is rather dangerous to try to predict the feline mind. But pretty soon I swear I am going to have to approach the furry demons, waving a white flag over my head in surrender.
Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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