Attention, bankrupt students!

Bankrupt Social Spot (read as student budget haven) opens its doors officially on Saturday, October 1 as a food-primary licensed establishment, but November 1 is when the real party starts. Their tagline is: “We're #goingbankrupt so you don't have to.”

Ono’s Sushi brings a modern touch to Abbotsford sushi scene

Ono’s is different from the usual sushi fare in Abbotsford.

Fine coffees are old hat for Oldhand

When I first poked my head into Oldhand, it was later in the afternoon, and I was craving some lunch.

Bow and Stern brings fine seafood to Downtown Abbotsford

Abbotsford has been missing a nice seafood restaurant. Jojo’s and C-Lovers have their time and place, but when you want something classy, Abbotsford doesn’t have anything to offer.

K-Town Bistro Café could turn into new Abbotsford hub

Ever had a craving for coffee and sushi at the same time? Look no further than K-Town Bistro Café.

Gian’s is the best Indian cuisine in town

Abbotsford is full of authentic and colourful restaurants. Sushi, pho, Thai, Italian, busy little bistros, cute coffee shops, dimly lit pubs, character diners — we’ve got it all, and we’ve got it good.

A $10 bill will get you far at Marty’s Grill

As university students, we are always on the hunt for a good, cheap place to eat.

Top restaurants of 2014

Top 10 restaurants of 2014 as ranked and reviewed by contributors and staff.

The Best of 2014

2014's best of video games, movies, albums, restaurants, and books.

Jojo’s is a homely little restaurant with a big heart

The first time I went to Jojo’s Fish & Chips Bana Restaurant was with some hung-over friends, a group of five who wanted greasy food.