A Mental Health Journey – Week 8

The last time we spoke with Gabriella, she had just spent an intense hour-long session with UFV’s counsellors, breaking down her memories.

A Mental Health Journey – Week 7

After a week-long hiatus from her memory exercise, Gabriella returned to UFV’s counsellors ready and excited to decode her memory list. Although postponing her memory session for a week due to overwhelming stress, Gabriella came to the session with a renewed relaxation and open mindset.

A Mental Health Journey – Weeks 6

After a stressful week of exams, assignments, and the overwhelming push of life in general, Gabriella was feeling overwhelmed. Postponing the memory exercise, the counsellor instead chose to focus on helping Gabriella address her feelings of anxiety from the week before.

A mental health journey — week five

When we last spoke with Gabriella she had just completed her last session with UFV’s counselling staff and was heading off to a relaxing winter vacation.

A Mental Health Journey – Week 4

As Gabriella explains, the first part of this session was spent reflecting once again on the role of “twisted thoughts,” or self-defeating beliefs, in adding to her stress levels.

A Mental Health Journey – Week 3

Two sessions into her UFV counselling experience, Gabriella has already learned how to effectively use relaxation breathing techniques and pinpoint self-defeating thought patterns.

A Mental Health Journey – Week 2

After having one session with UFV’s counseling staff and learning about the importance of proper breathing, Gabriella has returned for a second session.

A Mental Health Journey – Week 1

One UFV student has offered to share her journey of mental health counselling. Follow along as she learns to handle her anxiety while taking on all the regular stresses of student life.