Farm photo projects and Finnish foreign politics: GreenSPEAK lecturer discusses the...

“Farming and art do not run in tandem [and] we tend to have an absence of knowledge of how we get our food,” said artist Sylvia Borda in her UFV greenSPEAK lecture on September 25.

Mid-part style is back in fashion, but not for everyone

The middle-part hairstyle has made a series of fashion statements in past decades, dating as early as the 1800s. We saw it elegantly framing Elizabeth Bennet’s Victorian brow, backed up with a pinned bun as Mr. Darcy proposed.

Marie Curie lectures consider diasporic identity and belonging

UFV’s Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies presented three lectures by Marie Curie inital training network scholars Monday, January 12. The lectures discussed fiction and film, but the contents — the struggle to ascertain identity and belonging within a diaspora — can easily relate to people in the real world.

Saddle up and ride on: the cowgirl position

After flipping through the large online catalogue of sex positions from the Men’s Health website, she and I decided to try the cowgirl, better be described as the “woman-on-top” position.

Q&A: The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets is a Lovecraft-inspired band consisting of Toren Atkinson, guitarist Warren Banks, guitarist/bassist Mario Nieva, drummer Jordan Pratt and bassist/backup vocalist Merrick Atkinson. Co-founders Toren Atkinson and Warren Banks met in class at FVC (the original UFV) and have been spreading the word of geekery and Cthulu since 1992. The Cascade recently sat down with Toren Atkinson to discuss the downside of downloading, the inspirations of Lovecraft and living on the West Coast.

Double denim: the Canadian tuxedo

Jean on jean, baby. That’s right, everybody, it’s back in town.

Creative Page: Ink and paint

This collection of artwork, photography, and writing showcases the unique talents and culture of UFV’s artistic community.

Investigative journalist David Barsamian thinks the American empire is coming to...

David Barsamian met me for an interview in one of UFV’s board rooms. The walls were lined with pictures of past UFV presidents and administrative officials, almost all white men. “That’s a group of really diverse people you got there.” His joke cracked with sarcasm, cutting through the air before I could ask a question.

Art at UFV: Alicia Williams’s e-cards

If you’ve seen those sassy e-cards in the C-building tucked here and there in the hallway by your classroom, you’ve got to wonder why they’re there – it’s like seeing your Facebook feed come to life. Here’s the answer to your curiosity: an interview with the artist, Alicia Williams.

Androgynous style challenges outmoded fashion norms

Traditional fashion rules for both men and women are being broken.