Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder

A recent survey published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that almost 61 per cent of university and college students included alcohol in their latest hook-up, meaning that they’d had a few drinks to embolden themselves, releasing their more flirtatious sides.
Tombstone, full frame over grass reading, "Virgin"

A tale of two first times

It’s a new semester, a fresh start. Maybe it’s another chance to tell that person you’ve been Facebook stalking how you really feel. Or maybe, if your summer was a disappointing repeat of you showing your “o-face” to the ceiling while listening to your roommates’ headboard slam into your wall, you have another chance to lose your v-card.

Getting frisky al fresco: outdoor sex etiquette for the first-timer

Now, having sex outdoors is illegal, which means that under no circumstances should you ever even consider doing it, regardless of how fun and daring and erotic it really, really is. But for those naughty miscreants who insist on doing it anyway, here are a few guidelines to keep you out of trouble.

Peer Pleasure: Sexual compatibility requires a little give and take

I’ve been wanting to try some new things with my partner for a while. He’s a little conservative in bed and since the honeymoon phase has faded I’ve been getting a little bored of what he has to offer in that way.

A gift-wrapped twist on missionary position

For those who enjoy close quarters and intimate sex, the gift-wrapped position was created for you.

X marks the spot: the criss-cross position

While Men’s Health strongly recommends it, I think the creators of the “criss-cross” or X position intended their audience to be unrealistically flexible people.

How can a spork improve my sex life?

As a new way to spice up our love-life in the bedroom, my girlfriend and I decided to attempt “the spork” from the Men’s Health catalogue of sex positions.

Saddle up and ride on: the cowgirl position

After flipping through the large online catalogue of sex positions from the Men’s Health website, she and I decided to try the cowgirl, better be described as the “woman-on-top” position.

Literary erotica: a straight woman’s journey through porn

The art of erotica for women is elusive and beautiful. I specify for women because erotica for men is — arguably — a different creature altogether.

Going all the way for the first time: A smorgasbord of...

By Roxy Nova (Sexpert) – Email Print Edition: September 17, 2014 A lot of us put virginity on a pedestal. We’re nervous or excited for our...