Film Review: Life of Pi

There isn’t a counter to its message Life of Pi hasn’t worked out a response to, posited within a conceit of simple, childlike storytelling, but effective more as a silencer of anything but conditioned awe.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Nude Rugby

Nudity and professional sports have far more in common than many people are aware of. For example, the word “gymnasium” actually comes from the ancient Greek word “gymnasion,” which literally translates to “school for naked exercise.” As if that wasn’t enough, ancient Greek Olympics also had the players perform totally nude – both as a celebration of the male body and as a tribute to the gods – with the exception of the few who wore leather penis restraints called “kynodesmes,” which means “dog leash.” Some even went so far as to daub themselves with olive oil to enhance their appearance, much like modern-day bodybuilders (and vain beach-dwellers).

Dada, Surrealism and the Universe(ity).

In a class on Modern literature we are taking a week-long look at the Dada movement in the early 20th century. What’s the Dada movement you ask? Dada is essentially anti-art.

“From the Sea, freedom:” Inside the Principality of Sealand

The Sealand station itself is only 10,000 square feet large, most of its space devoted to two hollow cement cylinders which extend deep underwater.

The practicality of spandex

Women’s volleyball is a sport that generally draws a lot of attention – especially male attention – for its intense action, riveting pace, and skin-tight uniforms. Two of those three are common to most court sports, yet the third presents a bit of a puzzle. What is it exactly that justifies that most memorable component of women’s volleyball, spandex? Why has it permeated almost every level of play, and what does it do for our athletes that normal shorts cannot? Every spectator has, at one point, turned to his or her neighbour and asked a variation of one of these questions, and few, if any, have received a valid response.

Poppin’ tags: Abbotsford thrift shops at a glance

There’s a sense of adventure when you walk into the right thrift store and see shelves upon shelves of random goods scattered and piled high, ready for you to sift through.

Chatting with Sophie Schmidt: Abbotsford’s Olympic bronze medalist has a vision...

Sophie Schmidt is an Abbotsford girl who also happens to be an Olympic bronze medalist with the Canadian women’s soccer team. She comes from a family of successful soccer players and is one of the most recognized Canadian athletes of the year. Schmidt flew to Italy on Tuesday, but was generous enough to talk to us the day before about her life, her sport and her vision for Canadian soccer.

Duh, winning!

Charlie Sheen. Not so long ago the utterance of the name would have elicited images of a slumming womanizer in bad bowling shirts, but now all the mind can imagine is a raving celeb whose fall from grace has become increasingly riddled with manic behaviours. As with any degenerating celebrity, the question remains: should the fans support him?

Commentary: Eating glittering scum and smiling

Winston Churchill once said that “Cultured people are merely the glittering scum which floats upon the deep river of production.” He was essentially saying that rather than being useful to society, culture and by extension “cultured people” are somehow outside of the productive capacity of society and therefore not really needed. This is a very interesting statement from a man who motivated the British people during a time of war with some of the most profoundly moving speeches ever made by a 20th century leader. What is writing except art, and what is art if not culture? By this rationale, Churchill was probably the finest artist of his generation and a “cultured person” of the highest quality, although he seemed blissfully unaware of the fact at the time.

United Way Awareness

1 in 4 people in the Fraser Valley use a service that the United Way of the Fraser Valley (UWFV) supports. In addition to its own initiatives, the United Way supports 27 local agencies.