Textbook sales lower than ever at UFV Bookstore as students seek...

The man who runs the UFV Bookstore admits that textbook prices are “horrific” for students — but to stay afloat, the bookstore still has to charge enough to make a profit.

With UFV wrestling suspension, reckless speculation is not the right approach

Storytelling comes with responsibility. If the telling’s not right and you don’t get all the facts, you risk causing harm.

Are media groups splitting up territory, and do we care?

It would be easy to mark both closures down as a sign of a failing print media industry and leave it at that, but to see two community papers close within two months is disquieting for several reasons.

Spelunking with The Cascade

A month before this first issue as Editor in Chief, I found myself in a cave that was more like a tunnel.

PEI prof says universities are lost in the woods, intellectually. Are...

Just before the winter break, on Canada’s east coast, Ron Srigley had his Howard Beale moment. “It is about time we all said ‘enough,’” Srigley wrote in his essay for the LA Review of Books, the last exasperated fist-slamming moment, the end of a marathon checklist of Everything Wrong with Higher Education.

“Free” and “not for credit” course?

I have absolutely no problem with the content of these events; questioning, discussing, and learning about religion is a vital part of maturing and growing as a person. University exists to facilitate discussion.

The political sales pitch makes apathy easy

Every time I turn around, someone is lamenting the loss of the elusive Sasquatch that is the “youth vote.” Youth apathy is hauled out every election at every level of government as a reason for why this party or that didn’t win.

Don’t worry, they’ll take care of it

It’s hardly visible, but one of those incremental changes has already begun: the process to hire a new president of UFV. And some professors, some staff, perhaps even some students, if they know about it, are not thrilled that the process is going to be conducted in private.

Small reflections on how not to hyperventilate as graduation approaches

I finally filled out my graduation request form. For the past few weeks — months — I’ve oscillated between relief and terror.

Who cares about this stupid election? Transparency, engagement, the student body,...

Here we are on the eve of elections, and the only thing it brings to mind is the opening line from that Election speech. Who cares about this stupid election?