On perfection and creation: “If perfection believes in me, maybe I...

Are you at home with your idea of perfect? Is perfection a good roommate? Is it a lover you are trying to please? Or is it that grumpy editorial voice constantly editing away your unique thoughts into the not-good-enough category? Is perfection the imposter that seduces you into feeling unqualified and no good? Or is it that attention that unfurls our awareness into seeing perfection in an imperfect world?

Porn is not sex

Through the centre, I work with a team of people who go into high schools and give a presentation we call “Sexual Integrity.” We do this in hopes of preventing teen pregnancies, STIs, and the fast-growing use of pornography. This is necessary because the reality is kids have sex, talk about sex, and watch sex.

Satire – ABE soon to be more expensive: victory for UFV

From the beginning, I opposed the provincial government’s 2005 policy prohibiting universities from charging tuition for ABE, or “Adult Baby Education.”

Not all are #womenagainstfeminism

“I don’t need feminism because I love men and a women-only world would be a nightmare.”

Safety nets for the Lions Gate Bridge — worth it or...

The Golden Gate Bridge holds a record of over 1,600 suicides, making it the second most-used suicide site in the world. On average, there’s a jumper once every two weeks. According to the Los Angeles Times, approximately one person jumped every three days in August 2013.

Viewer discretion is advised: The importance of trigger warnings

Outrage culture has manifested in a way that has caused controversy and reactionary backlash at university campuses around the continent: trigger warnings. Trigger warnings, also known as content warnings, are designed to help those who have had traumatic experiences, in addition to people who are not neurotypical, cope with potentially distressing material. Specific triggers can be unique to the individual, but some triggers are commonplace, like intense bigotry or realistic depictions of violent acts.

How human activity is destroying Canadian wildlife and identity

Thousands of species, including our Canadian geese, are dwindling annually at astonishing rates according to a World Wildlife Fund study.

Soldiers unable to defend themselves can’t defend us, either

On October 22, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau while guarding the Canadian War Memorial’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa.

Some mean jokes are funny, others are just mean

Jokes are usually pretty funny. Jokes at someone’s expense are funnier, especially when that person is marginalized.

Social media trends are self-indulgent ways to keep the immature spirit...

I recently took part in a social media trend that’s sweeping through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat right now called the no-make up selfie challenge. Originally, the challenge was meant to raise money for cancer research, but I recently read a statement by Kim Stephens, a cancer survivor and Brisbane Times reporter, that the trend is simply insulting.