Goodbye Target, goodbye everything

My name is Nina and I live undetected beneath the parking lot outside the Target building and the other fine but useless shops surrounding it.

Finding the balance in the cost of living

Before starting school, it is very important to get a clear idea of how much it will affect your pocket. Student life is fun,...
Image: Graeme Beamiss

CPR credit gives kiss of life to education

University is not all about hitting the books; sometimes it’s about getting hit with life-or-death situations.

Reactions to SUBLeak 2015

Print Edition: April 1, 2015 A note from the Opinion Editor Wow! I am absolutely floored by the number of opinion articles we received this week responding...

How human activity is destroying Canadian wildlife and identity

Thousands of species, including our Canadian geese, are dwindling annually at astonishing rates according to a World Wildlife Fund study.

Canada should do more about the migrant crisis

As a young immigrant to Canada, I see this nation as a place of refuge, safety, and civil peace. In comparison to where I came from, Canada has given me an education, accessibility to stable social services and healthcare, and a sense of empowerment for who I am as an individual. So what is it that we as Canadians can do to be that nation of peace and diversity? Give the right of passage to more Syrian refugees.

Re: “UFV’s Institutional Learning Outcomes aren’t all that smart”

Dear Editor, I was surprised to read the argument put forth in the “UFV’s Institutional Learning Outcomes Aren’t All That Smart” article of the Cascade...

More than entertainment: discrimination against women in media

Violence and discrimination against women in real life is a pervasive, even pandemic, problem.

Cable TV culture shock: What happens when you reunite with commercials...

When I was nine years old, my mother put a strict time limit on the amount of television my brothers and I were allowed to watch. You can imagine one hour a day was difficult to divide between six siblings, all of whom were at different ages and interested in different shows. As the second-youngest, my Pokémon episode was definitely not as important as my older sister’s more sophisticated half-hour of Friends.

Vancouver’s plans to revamp the Downtown Eastside

Vancouver has been working hard to clean itself up and make itself a healthy and forward-thinking space on the West Coast. However, up until now, the east end (the one we all know and love) seems to have been ignored.