Sporting obsession clouds realities of domestic violence

The NFL is the most popular sports league in North America. Its empire is so large that the league has recently expanded — from a strict Sunday and Monday weekly game schedule to a third day of action on Thursday — in hopes of feeding the ever-growing appetite of NFL fans.

Slamming the door on unsolicited sales

March 1, 2018 marked another shift in the world of commerce. The Government of Ontario banned door-to-door sales for products such as air filters,...

Were the weather hype reels too misleading?

A little over a week ago, a huge storm was supposed to hit Mexico. Of course, the storm made landfall and sort of just … puttered out. Did we get our expectations up too high? Did the news blow things out of proportion?

Parent power trumps philosophy

I am now an adult, and at the same time still my mother’s child. I am a legal adult, absolutely responsible, and mature for my age, yet my mom still does not “allow” me to sleep at my friends’ homes.

Save the Riding Centre, and #SaveUFV

With such a big deal being made of the re-structuring of UFV’s Writing Centre, you’d think some of that saviour’s impulse would extend to other equally (if not more) important issues.

Cat declawing off the table

Nova Scotia recently became the first Canadian province to ban the declawing of cats. This has prompted calls in other provinces, including B.C., to...

Stop and smell the supermoon

In this modern world, the natural world often goes unnoticed. Unless it’s a supermoon, meteor shower, or tourism promotion, the media doesn’t usually report on the natural wonders around us. It seems that a lot of people believe that observing these phenomena is a waste of time or no longer needed, but I believe that it’s important.

MSP needs to leave

I’m by no means a bow tie-wearing policy wonk with all the answers concentrated into neatly stacked and meticulously stapled white papers, I just...

Thematic thinkings

Theme. It’s a constant topic of conversation in any English class you ever take. Its somewhat synonymous neighbour, “mission statement,” is a topic in...
Image: Ramesh Lalwani/ flickr

Dialogue around rape can’t be black and white

Rape is not a new problem. It’s found in films, literature, and language.