Beloved Cascade reporter let go after CSIS arrest

Repp Porter, long-time news reporter for The Cascade, was let go Tuesday evening after CSIS officers arrested him in his Abbotsford home. Porter’s elderly neighbour Eve Draup witnessed the arrest, reporting that the officers claimed they were arresting him for “incitement of terrorism, maybe.”

Fight now or die later: ISIL threat is only growing

We cannot and should not remove our troops from the Middle East.

Gay oil won’t be allowed through pipeline

The Conservatives have added another stipulation to their original 209 that must be fulfilled before the Enbridge pipeline project gets the green light — the oil cannot be gay.

We’re not too dumb for democracy, we’re just ignorant

We often hear people say that democracy gives power to the people, and this is true in the sense that we, the voters, get to choose who represents us.

Keeping an eye on the election

The fixed election date legislated by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives has a variety of implications. Here are five things you can watch for over the summer leading up to this year’s federal election

The Canadian tragedy: Rob Ford the Musical

Toronto mayor and Canadian trademark Rob Ford is getting his own musical. You read correctly: the embarrassment of Ontario is going to be singing and dancing alongside brilliant works such as Wicked and Mamma Mia. I really hope this horror doesn’t reach Broadway.

A guide and a plea for strategic voting

Strategic voting is accepting the necessity of voting for a less ideal candidate in order to avoid having the least ideal candidate win. For many, the least ideal outcome of the upcoming election would be a Conservative victory, but non-Conservative votes are divided between the remaining parties, particularly the Liberals, the NDPs, and the Greens.

Satire: Complaints related to rotting innards, study finds

Christmas music is linked to the gradual rise of bowel deterioration in North America, according to a new study by the Deteriorating Entrails and Bowels Technical Society (DEBTS).

A beginner’s guide on how to get millennials to vote

The truth is that we can and do want to be involved in politics — but the amount of research and effort it takes to make an informed decision takes time that could be used for other, more important things.

The condemnation of ISIS in Western media is useless

ISIS, a group attempting to establish its own caliphate (a sort of theocratic Islamic state) in parts of Syria and Iraq, has begun recruiting members from all over the world with the help of quality ad campaigns and social media.