A guide and a plea for strategic voting

Strategic voting is accepting the necessity of voting for a less ideal candidate in order to avoid having the least ideal candidate win. For many, the least ideal outcome of the upcoming election would be a Conservative victory, but non-Conservative votes are divided between the remaining parties, particularly the Liberals, the NDPs, and the Greens.

Bad recommendations from strategic voting websites

One of the main arguments against strategic voting was that polling information could be incorrect. This was true for my riding. The major strategic voting websites, strategicvoting.ca and votetogether.ca, urged voters in the Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon riding to vote NDP. Yet, on voting day, the real competition was between the Conservatives and Liberals.

The who’s who of the NDP Leadership Debate

Unless you're bringing your own celebrity or scandal with you, it’s a tough climb to make a name for yourself in Canadian political leadership...

Meanwhile, in Canada: Policing potty language in the House of Commons

While many Canadians anxiously watched the drama unfold in America after the election results, Canada’s parliament had its own stink. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel likened the job crisis in Alberta to a “fart in the room nobody wants to talk about.” As she was blasting her impassioned speech, she was interrupted by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who couldn’t even bring herself to repeat the dreaded “f word” and instead spelt it out.

Face it, you’re a nerd; Now vote like one

If you voted in the federal election last year, great! You played an important role in shaping the future of our country; however, I would argue that the upcoming provincial election is of greater importance. If you would like to have a more tangible influence on the place in Canada you call home, then you need to start thinking provincially.

The New Switcharoo: some thoughts on our province’s new political landscape

Although it looks like victory has slipped through the Liberals’ fingers, I was surprised that they performed as well as they did, especially with...

Gay oil won’t be allowed through pipeline

The Conservatives have added another stipulation to their original 209 that must be fulfilled before the Enbridge pipeline project gets the green light — the oil cannot be gay.

Is that Facebook post going to change the way anyone votes?

With the federal election looming ahead next week, social media is filled with opinions, photos, links, videos, and profile pictures regarding the candidates. Whether anti- or pro-Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Green, or anything else, it feels like everybody is establishing their point of view by sharing content on Facebook and Twitter.

Trudeau and the airstrikes: there is no easy decision

Two days after the Paris attacks, France orchestrated an airstrike on Raqqa, Syria in retaliation. According to CNN News, ISIS claimed responsibility for the atrocities and, in response, French bomber jets were sent in and destroyed several ISIS buildings and key sites, including their headquarters. But ISIS claims that despite the enormous airstrike, there were no casualties, and that the targets were evacuated long before in anticipation of retaliation.

Flowers for Milo

While most of 2017 so far has been marked by the constant and unsatisfying edging towards either an impeachment, economic implosion, or all-out war,...