The who’s who of the NDP Leadership Debate

Unless you're bringing your own celebrity or scandal with you, it’s a tough climb to make a name for yourself in Canadian political leadership...

Fight now or die later: ISIL threat is only growing

We cannot and should not remove our troops from the Middle East.

Flowers for Milo

While most of 2017 so far has been marked by the constant and unsatisfying edging towards either an impeachment, economic implosion, or all-out war,...

Did the Defence Minister lie?

He lied. He has lost the trust of Canadians. He must resign. These have been the statements offered by the federal NDP and Conservative...

The condemnation of ISIS in Western media is useless

ISIS, a group attempting to establish its own caliphate (a sort of theocratic Islamic state) in parts of Syria and Iraq, has begun recruiting members from all over the world with the help of quality ad campaigns and social media.

Trudeau’s elbow

"If you thought Trudeau was already drawing unmerited comparisons to his father, just wait. Pierre Trudeau became infamous for his use of expletives and gestures in the House. Now the inevitable references to the senior Trudeau will come thick and fast. The younger Trudeau might fall into the trap that was perhaps inevitable — his father’s fans will become his fans, and his father’s critics will become his critics."

A guide and a plea for strategic voting

Strategic voting is accepting the necessity of voting for a less ideal candidate in order to avoid having the least ideal candidate win. For many, the least ideal outcome of the upcoming election would be a Conservative victory, but non-Conservative votes are divided between the remaining parties, particularly the Liberals, the NDPs, and the Greens.

Symbols and appearances don’t matter

They say a case against Jagmeet Singh for leadership of the federal NDP is Quebec’s discomfort with religious symbols. Now, this is a little...

Is that Facebook post going to change the way anyone votes?

With the federal election looming ahead next week, social media is filled with opinions, photos, links, videos, and profile pictures regarding the candidates. Whether anti- or pro-Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Green, or anything else, it feels like everybody is establishing their point of view by sharing content on Facebook and Twitter.

Resetting SUS: What to look for in the next batch of...

Imagine for a moment that you are very powerful. Imagine that you have the ability to sway the university in a new and better direction. Now stop imagining, you dummy, because you do have that ability! UFV’s Student Union Society (SUS) elections are coming in just under a month, and what the heck are you going to do about it?