Snapshots: Holiday spending, unpredictable weather, scary post-secondary, Adele’s Hello

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions. This week is Holiday spending, unpredictable weather, scary post-secondary, Adele's Hello

The ant-infested Big Apple

I am a reluctant vacationer, and cranky traveller even in the best of conditions. Yet I am also an avid fan of binge-watching food...

Snapshot: You don’t have to go after the intellectuals if there...

Here’s the most damaging thing about Trump’s presidency so far: Betsy DeVos. His pick for Secretary of Education is as dangerous and ignorant as any person I have ever seen. And what’s worse is, she deals with the education of future voting citizens.

Snapshot: Energy sinks? Try energy drinks!

Despite being a veteran jaded UFV student, I found myself in quite the tizzy this past week. The pressure of prepping for back-to-back midterms proved to be too much for me, and a personal struggle ensued. What I gained in knowledge was at the expense of sleep, so my energy levels were at an all-time low. My energy pilgrimage began at the Canoe.

“That’s not my jam” Snapshots

Curtailed commentary on themes.

Snapshots: human tragedy, world of me, bad books, and clubbing

Curtailed commentary on current conditions: human tragedy, world of me, bad books, and clubbing.

Snapshots: SUB grass, listening, allergy cuddles, jazz

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions

Amateur Power

I’m no expert, and I’m only sort of good at most things that I do. I’ve never been able to feel comfortable labeling myself...

Fickle Fake Freckles

So apparently, freckle tattoos are a fad now. As someone who has natural freckles, I’m not sure how to feel about this. Some commenters...

Snapshot: Cool Cabs

Coming back to UFV in one of the coldest months in Abbotsford has been tough, but a much appreciated act of kindness from a fellow student has at least kept my heart warm with good feelings. A few weeks ago, the city buses were cancelled due to icy roads and drivers were ordered to stop servicing the community until road conditions improved.