Heat stay atop the West Division at season’s halfway point

Despite winning a rather pedestrian five of their past 10 games, the Abbotsford Heat sit a single point behind Grand Rapids for the top spot in the Western Conference.

“Most won’t get out”: Abbotsford’s new escape room puzzles are fun,...

If you’ve ever wished you could be trapped in a room with zombies, your wait is finally over.

Pipedream remains after Heat deny swap with Canucks’ farm team

The most recent rumour, as cited by The Province and the Vancouver Sun, was that the Calgary Flames were considering packing up and moving their team to Utica, New York. The rumour suggested that the Vancouver Canucks would then buy the Peoria Rivermen, the St. Louis’ farm team that plays in Illinois, and then St. Louis would take over the Chicago Wolves. It seems complicated, but the end result is that the Flames would end up in New York, allowing the relocated Rivermen to move to Abbotsford. One part of the rumour came true on April 1.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Nude Rugby

Nudity and professional sports have far more in common than many people are aware of. For example, the word “gymnasium” actually comes from the ancient Greek word “gymnasion,” which literally translates to “school for naked exercise.” As if that wasn’t enough, ancient Greek Olympics also had the players perform totally nude – both as a celebration of the male body and as a tribute to the gods – with the exception of the few who wore leather penis restraints called “kynodesmes,” which means “dog leash.” Some even went so far as to daub themselves with olive oil to enhance their appearance, much like modern-day bodybuilders (and vain beach-dwellers).

Refs are always fair . . . right?

For the last two years I’ve spent a couple of weeks each summer coaching at basketball camps for middle school kids. I like to think that I’m teaching the kids something about more than simply basketball. I like to think that at heart I’m righteous and honourable, at least until I referee a basketball game between two teams of children and I realize how morally corrupt I have become.

A Joyful Reunion?: Student journalists on lockout politics

To celebrate the end of the lockout, The Cascade recently attended a national student journalism conference in Toronto (not exactly true, but forgive us for thinking some celebration was in order). While there, we interviewed several sports editors from other student papers across the country to get their take on the glorious return of Canada’s favourite form of organized violence.

WarPath Fighting Championships 10 provide brutal entertainment

Held at the Squiala Community Centre in Chilliwack, the 10th WarPath Fighting Championships delivered production-quality effects and well-matched fights.

The practicality of spandex

Women’s volleyball is a sport that generally draws a lot of attention – especially male attention – for its intense action, riveting pace, and skin-tight uniforms. Two of those three are common to most court sports, yet the third presents a bit of a puzzle. What is it exactly that justifies that most memorable component of women’s volleyball, spandex? Why has it permeated almost every level of play, and what does it do for our athletes that normal shorts cannot? Every spectator has, at one point, turned to his or her neighbour and asked a variation of one of these questions, and few, if any, have received a valid response.

Extinguishing the flame: Abbotsford Heat reported to be on the move

Are the Heat set to be snuffed out in Abbotsford? According to Don Laible of the Utica Observer-Dispatch, the answer is “yes.” Last Sunday, he reported that the Calgary Flames’ American Hockey League affiliate, the Abbotsford Heat, are set to pull up stakes at the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre and set up shop in the Utica Memorial Auditorium in New York next season.

Chatting with Sophie Schmidt: Abbotsford’s Olympic bronze medalist has a vision...

Sophie Schmidt is an Abbotsford girl who also happens to be an Olympic bronze medalist with the Canadian women’s soccer team. She comes from a family of successful soccer players and is one of the most recognized Canadian athletes of the year. Schmidt flew to Italy on Tuesday, but was generous enough to talk to us the day before about her life, her sport and her vision for Canadian soccer.