Sports you’ve never heard of: Aussie Rules Football

Leave it to the Australians to take a game and make it criminally violent. Aussie Rules Football is a baffling combination of soccer, rugby, basketball, and, occasionally, UFC fighting. Essentially, the goal of the game is to either carry or kick the ball between the goal posts – a classic sporting concept. Except that this sport has earned its nickname, Aussie No Rules Footy. You can do basically anything you want to get the ball across the line, or to stop the opposite team from doing so. Each team plays with 18 men on the field at a time, although they do not play so much as they engage in brutal, body-crushing warfare. To picture a typical Aussie Rules match, imagine a good old game of American football, but subtract all the pads and steroids, and add in a different ball and a lot more hitting.

Cascades players return to old high school to impress

This past weekend saw the Cascades men’s basketball team in action for the first time since August. It was a packed weekend with three exhibition games from October 3 to 5 against both in-province and out-of-province competition.

Oh, to be a Canucks fan

It’s probably not the most obvious time to look back at the year that was, but with The Cascade running a best of 2011 list for almost every category on the planet, it feels fitting to take a moment to look back at what the year meant for Canucks fans.

The Final Countdown: The Cascades’ Saskatchewan adventure

Last weekend the UFV basketball teams faced some big competition in the wild wastelands of Saskatchewan, as both teams looked to clinch a spot in the CIS national championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The men and women were competing in the “Final Four” of the Canada West conference tournament in the hopes of achieving a first or second finish, and therefore a guaranteed birth into nationals. Both teams fought hard, with the men grabbing a silver medal and the women placing fourth overall.

Fan bus helps spur Cascades women to victory

By Nathan Hutton (Contributor) – Email Print Edition: September 11, 2013 This past Friday night, UFV women’s soccer kicked off the regular season with a match...

Exploring the Fraser Valley: Elk Mountain

Are we stuck hitting up the same select few beaches and trails all summer? It was this question that fuelled my search for new and more exciting outdoor locations in the Fraser Valley – I figured the quest for the great outdoors didn’t always have to include a lengthy and arduous drive. One location on my search was a very promising trail on Elk Mountain.

When life gives you lemons…pour yourself a drink

Everyone’s heard the advice, “drink eight glasses of water per day.” Now, I don’t know about you, but unless I’m on a treadmill I hardly finish half that amount. The taste of water is just plain boring. Unlike coffee, it’s hard to want it.

Chilliwack Bruins: Power Surge

The Chilliwack Bruins received a much welcomed boost to their power play on the weekend. Their power play had gone zero for 23 in their last four games. The man advantage continued to have trouble, failing in its first three tries against the Kamloops Blazers, but it came through when it was needed most.

Canucks take to the tweeties

Fans of the Canucks who also happen to be rabid Twitter addicts have been salivating over the last couple months as several key Canuck players (and a couple less-key ones) have opted to join the popular social networking service.

Ruegsegger lifts Heat to consecutive victories against the Bulldogs

The mid-week set between the Abbotsford Heat and Hamilton Bulldogs was as expected as the two lowest scoring teams in the AHL battled head-to-head on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. However, the Heat were able to muster enough offense to lift themselves into fifth spot in the Western Conference with a regulation and shootout win over their divisional rivals.