Nickelchok resigns amid athletics funding crunch

UFV athletics director Rick Nickelchok has stepped down after four years behind the helm according to an email release issued by the University last Monday. The announcement comes after calls for a funding overhaul by men’s volleyball coach Greg Russell.

Triumph on the court: UFV basketball teams move on to CIS...

On to the next one. The Cascades women’s basketball team is on to the Canada West final four next weekend, after a hard fought series at the Envision Athletic Center (EAC) over the weekend.

The rivalry rages on: Heat and Marlies in major weekend battle

Nasty play has defined the Heat and Marlies’ relationship with each other. In the latest installment of the rivalry last weekend, the Marlies and the Heat had 35 infractions and over an hour-and-a-half of time spent in the penalty box collectively. They don’t like each other, indeed.

Keeping UFV’s athletes extremely eligible

One of the easiest ways to send a season sideways in the Canada Interuniversity Sport (CIS) is to be penalized for an ineligible athlete. No matter an athlete’s performance on the court or field, ineligibility has caused the destruction of many teams, the end of playoff hopes or even the loss of national medals.

E. coli: Critical thinking, critical eating

In lieu of the recent XL Meats E. coli outbreak, concerns about meat quality and illness prevention are understandable. As a student eating in the cafeteria or buying your own meat to cook, the E. coli concerns become even more relevant.

Rainy day blues for Cascades soccer

Chris Cornell may have sung it, but the Cascades were living it last Saturday as the women’s soccer team missed a win for the sixth straight game. More accurately, they missed a win by three agonizing minutes in what was one of the darkest (and wettest) stretches of play this season.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Underwater Ice Hockey

Years ago hockey was played without protective head gear, but then it got to be too rough, so players wore helmets. Later, visors and shields were used to protect the players from injuries to the eyes and face. But these protective measures are not used in the “minor extreme” sport of Underwater Ice Hockey, a kind of hockey where skates are not worn, because the ice is located above the players’ heads and the momentum of the puck will never seriously injure a player.

Inside the Locker Room: Falling Leafs, soccer players

The Toronto Maple Leafs have finally come down to earth and have returned to their mediocre ways of playing. In all fairness to the Maple Leafs squad, they have been in every contest until the very end, and in both games that they got shutout in, they had tons of great chances to make it a 2-2 game.

Pustules, shin splints, and mad whale disease – oh my!

Injuries are serious things no matter what sport you’re playing. The NFL and NHL are currently deeply concerned about the dangers of concussions; the frightening truth is that fans are at danger of injuries every bit as serious. Bandwagoning has its own set of dangers that are very real, and while a lockout isn’t realistic for a fantastically large fan base, there are some simple steps bandwagoners can take to avoid potential tragedy.

Are you working out for all the wrong reasons?

It’s no secret: we often measure our worth based on our appearance, especially our weight and body shape. Women are constantly stereotyped as the main sufferer of body-image issues, but it is important to realize that this problem is not gender-specific; men feel the pressure, too.