Why I let my father win

No son really understands the effects of time until they compare the image of the father of their youth to the one before them as a young-adult.

Cascades roll over prairie foes

The University of the Fraser Valley men’s and women’s basketball teams were at it again this weekend at the Envision Athletic Centre (EAC) for their final home games before the winter break. The season has seen both squads exceeding expectations and drawing national attention for their success.

Basketball teams spend Christmas in California

The holiday season in Abbotsford is, while festive, extremely cold, so who can blame the UFV men’s and women’s basketball teams for spending their New Year’s Eve down south? In states dominated by bikinis and beaches, they got the chance to showcase their talent against premier American competition.

Of ignorance and ball and basket

What does basketball look like to those absolutely innocent of its rules, conduct, and traditions?

UFV Legends: Nicole Wierks

Nicole Wierks’ time on the court was spent as part of the core group of players placed in leadership roles from their very first season with UFV. Over five seasons, Wierks and her teammates transformed the program, carrying the team on their shoulders. Wierks, who was awarded UFV’s academic athlete award for the second season in a row (with a perfect 4.33 GPA), has left a lasting impression through her contributions both on and off the court.

AESC basketball doubleheader delayed indefinitely

At this time last year the UFV Cascades men’s and women’s basketball teams were preparing for their first annual doubleheader at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC); what was supposed to become a yearly grudge-match between the Cascades and local rivals the TWU Spartans. That “annual” is in danger of being changed to “only” as Athletics are no longer sure if the event is in the best interest of the Cascades’ marketing or finances.

Women’s basketball season ended by Thunderbirds

The Cascades season has come to a close, having put up a proud fight against an obdurate UBC.

On the road again: Cascades fall to Thunderbirds on UBC turf...

Last Friday, UFV sent a fan bus out to UBC to witness the Canada West Final Four clash between the Cascades and the UBC Thunderbirds. The bus was populated by such prestigious figures as Mark and Maureen Evered, Rocky Olfert, and even @goUFV’s own Anne Russell, which of course meant The Cascade sent its scurviest scalawags, Jasper (@Jasp_8) and Paul (@Cascade_Sports). They traveled deep into enemy territory in the search both for some quality basketball and cute Vancouverite undergrads. Even though the Cascades lost 68-61, at least the search for good ball was successful.

Underdogs take first national varsity medal

The Cascades women’s basketball team has accomplished the greatest feat in the history of the program; they have the national bronze medal and are the unopposed third-best team in the country.

Cascades players return to old high school to impress

This past weekend saw the Cascades men’s basketball team in action for the first time since August. It was a packed weekend with three exhibition games from October 3 to 5 against both in-province and out-of-province competition.