Even a small error can lead to Tylenol overdose

Take one tablet every four hours as needed, the Tylenol container meekly suggests. Read the complete label; follow all the directions. Apart from a few bold words, the instructions are docile and placid.

Navigating the world of sweeteners, from aspartame to xylitol

Have a sweet tooth, but want to stay away from table sugar? You have plenty of sweet substitutes to choose from — and each has its pros and cons.
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Pass the porridge, please!

A steaming bowl of porridge has been served as a breakfast food for centuries. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and to some, even delicious.

Mental heath awareness club comes to UFV

Mental health has never been on the long list of student groups and associations at UFV. On a campus that’s all about open discourse, safe zones, and healthy student life, its absence came as a surprise for Harsh Sidhu.

Don’t die this summer: how to fend off bears and cougars

However it happens, you find yourself in the company of a creature that could inflict some serious damage. What do you do?

Post Commencement Stress Disorder

Apparently, the fear and indecision felt by many grads has a name - it’s known as Post Commencement Stress Disorder (PCSD). Yes, you have a psychological disorder.

Invincible, untouchable and out of control: varsity athlete Jasper Moedt’s struggle...

Six months ago, Jasper Moedt was facing the most important decision he’d ever had to make: the choice to give up and step off of a third story roof or to find a way to keep on living. Six months and several treatments and explanations later, Jasper is at peace with himself and has found the courage to speak out about the personal demons in his past. He is now a university ambassador for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and is speaking at a district education conference in April on the importance of mental health awareness. He chose to share his story with The Cascade because he truly believes his vulnerability will allow others to speak up about their struggles and get the help they need and deserve.

Is bacon the ultimate belly blaster?

After all the leftover turkey and stuffing had been devoured, and every last drop of egg nog had been consumed, I decided it was time to lose that extra holiday pound (fine, three and a half) I had accumulated over the course of winter break.

Water worries: are you drinking enough?

We’ve all been there before: tired, sluggish, and grumpy after a long day of classes. But before you put it down to a challenging midterm or a long paper, look back at the amount of water you drank throughout the day.

Green tea: lose stained teeth, gain EGCG

Drinking green tea a few times a day does wonders as a body detoxifier.