Cascades’ athletic therapist, a winner

The UFV Cascades’ athletic therapy clinic is nestled in E building, down a hallway, followed by an immediate right. It’s run by Tyne Campbell, the lead athletic therapist. Athletic therapists…

Is swapping meals for Soylent worthwhile?

There’s a new craze spreading around the tech industry, and its name is Soylent. Not to be confused with the cannibalistic wafers in the 1970s science-fiction film, this version is based on various vegan sources and is designed to meet every nutritional requirement the human body has.

Eating healthy is a question of calories

Listen up. Diet is simple. Diet is king. Diet is what governs your weight. It doesn’t matter how much you work out if you aren’t eating right. Are you overweight? Eat less. Are you underweight? Eat more. Granted, you should make sure you’re eating a healthy amount of healthy foods, but we’ll just be thinking about calories for a little while.

Are we finally ending the era of gluten-free everything?

We all know someone who eats gluten-free — probably because they’ve made a point of telling us more than once. It seems as if everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with gluten-free options to nearly everything possible, and droves of passionate social media users telling us why we should choose them.

Apple cider vinegar — the cure-all?

When you think of vinegar, you probably think of salad dressing vinaigrettes, salt and vinegar chips, or maybe (if you’re feeling especially adventurous), that baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano that was so popular in elementary school science fairs. What many people don’t realize is that those applications barely scratch the surface, especially when we talk about apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Apps offer a cheap and convenient way to keep track of your mental health

If you’re feeling the weight of the semester’s workload getting heavier and heavier, there are (weightless!) apps for your smartphone designed to help you stay positive and focused.These programs keep track of your progress while offering a quick, cheap, and discreet way to manage your mood during a busy semester. Here are a few that have worked wonders for me — although they have their glitches.

Fat is back, but it’s not sugar-sweet

It’s been over 40 years since the war on fat has begun. Go into a grocery store and you are guaranteed to run into “low fat!” and “zero trans fats!” plastered over at least half of the products available; this marketing craze extends even to labelling naturally fat free products, such as sugar.

Portion control is key to healthy eating habits

Eating healthy can be a challenge for a lot of people. This is because the more you eat, the larger your stomach expands, and it needs more food to be filled up. But there’s no need to panic — there are many possible ways to shrink our stomachs in a healthy, non-tormenting manner.

The connection between mental health and concussions

As someone who devotes countless hours to sports of all kinds, I know that injuries are inevitable. I have torn the same muscle in my arm twice, sprained my media collateral ligament (MCL), hyperextended my knee, and sprained my ankles and fingers an innumerable amount of times. I am probably forgetting a couple more that I do not remember. That’s because remembering has been difficult ever since I suffered three concussions consecutively in three weeks.

A guide to picking healthier alternatives, from whole-wheat flour to Himalayan pink salt

Good health can be a difficult pursuit, especially in recent times, when a vast majority of the food available to us is heavily doused with pesticides and often comes pre-cooked or packaged for convenience. It doesn’t help that healthier options are usually overpriced, or seem to surpass the budget of the average working person or student.