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As other fad diets rise and fall, veganism remains an option

Whenever someone mentions they’re a vegan, I feel like there’s always an awkward silence that quickly follows right after.

Increasing food allergies: the danger of self-diagnosis

Self-diagnosing is quite cumbersome, and can easily have false results. It is impossible to tell whether it is allergies, food intolerances or chemical sensitivity. Failing to identify a serious allergy could have bad results. Alternatively, you could omit food out of your diet with great inconvenience needlessly. A doctor would perform a basic blood or skin prick test, with generally reliable results.

E. coli: Critical thinking, critical eating

In lieu of the recent XL Meats E. coli outbreak, concerns about meat quality and illness prevention are understandable. As a student eating in the cafeteria or buying your own meat to cook, the E. coli concerns become even more relevant.

“Antigravity” yoga offers mental and physical benefits beyond regular, earth-bound exercise

Finally, you can achieve inner peace and tranquility while dangling in the air. We all know how relaxing and soothing a hammock can be, so why is it only in the last seven years that yoga — a 5,000-year-old practice — and hammocks have merged?

Health Kick: don’t let your workout burnout

Burnout is completely preventable in most cases. One just needs to know the signs, and react accordingly. Sometimes the best move is to just leave sport before the symptoms get worse.

Sunscreen: how high, how much and how often

Most sunscreens are made up of Alcohol Denat, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide, Oxybenzone, Copolymer and scented lotions. However not all sunscreens contain the important, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are vital in blocking out both UV-A and UV-B rays. These ingredients soak into skin, forming a barrier between skin cells and harmful sun rays. Over time these ingredients break down due to perspiration, fresh or salt water and direct sunlight. This is where the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) comes into account: the higher the SPF, the stronger the barrier against the elements.

Kale 101: all you need to know about this superfood

If you are into healthy eating (and even if you’re not), you have probably heard a lot about kale and how it’s a miracle food.

Beyond the physical: Looking after our mental health

The truth is that mental health works much like physical health. You want to be physically strong? Go lift weights or go train. Same goes for mental health. You want to be able to cope with the many stressors of a full course load along with the many other commitments that students deal with? Training for that begins over the summer months.

Fast food, coffee consumption, and the gym: A brief but detailed...

At the start of every semester, I always make the same three promises to myself: I will bring my own food to school and resist the urge to subsist on Tim Horton’s; I will make time to go to the gym so that I don’t feel like a lazy slob; I will not have coffee every day, no matter how exhausted I feel.

ARC vs. MRC: comparing gym and pool facilities

Getting into a gym routine is difficult, especially if you’re just starting it.