Wheat: an enemy of good health?

When I think of a dream start to the day, toasted everything bagels smothered in cream cheese with a thick slice of banana bread come to mind.

Back basics: don’t just rely on a hunch

Perched naked on a stone, the thinker leans forward; eyes, forehead, and shoulders all focused on the same invisible object of contemplation.

Have your cake and eat it with no eggs and next-to-no...

Eggs are delicious. They can be prepared in so many different ways and have so many different purposes. But they are also quite fatty, high in cholesterol, and the yolk contains the bulk of the calories in the egg.

Water worries: are you drinking enough?

We’ve all been there before: tired, sluggish, and grumpy after a long day of classes. But before you put it down to a challenging midterm or a long paper, look back at the amount of water you drank throughout the day.

Navigating the world of sweeteners, from aspartame to xylitol

Have a sweet tooth, but want to stay away from table sugar? You have plenty of sweet substitutes to choose from — and each has its pros and cons.

There ain’t no cure for seasonal allergies

Spring is in the air, and, as allergy sufferers know so well, so is pollen.

Who says you can’t teach an old drug new tricks?

Auranofin is a gold containing salt compound categorized as a ‘Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug’ (DMARD). Used since 1985, this rheumatoid arthritis prescribed drug has proved effective in the laboratory at killing Entamoeba histolytica (the bacteria that causes Amoebic Dysentery), as the previous drug used, metronidazole.

How your teeth could potentially kill you

While the eyes may be the windows to the soul, more than one source agrees that your teeth are the mirror to your overall health.

Tips on a successful fitness journey from a personal trainer

Many people find that no matter how hard they try, staying healthy and active will always be a challenge.

Energy, without coffee!

Whether it comes in the form of a gym membership, a boot camp video, or a commitment to leafy greens, it seems that we all have the common desire to be a little healthier each year.