A guide to hiking in the Fraser Valley

A guide to the trails and mountains worth visiting during the summer break by sports editor Vanessa Broadbent
Image: Ron Dart

Reinhold Messner and the Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messner is considered by many to be one of the most significant mountaineers of the 20th century (if not the crowned prince of modern mountaineers).

From Bangkok to the Fraser Valley: a lesson in cycling

When you ride down the parallel road toward Abbotsford you are able to glimpse the people inside passing vehicles on Hwy 1: blank-faced drivers, passengers absorbed in their smart-phones, and back-seat sleepers. As I pedalled onward — clocking in at 55 minutes as Whatcom Rd. passed by — the sweat soaked my shirt and my legs started to ache. Yet I felt as if nothing this day had in store for me could weaken my spirit.

Mount Thom: gorgeous views, burning calves

The first thing you see when you approach the Mount Thom trail on Promontory Mountain in Chilliwack is stairs.

Discovering the hidden gem of Hicks Lake

Like the rest of Sasquatch National Park, the Hicks Lake area is dominated by thick second-growth forests which are home to all kinds of wildlife; a pair of deer bounded across the road in front of our car as we drove in, and we spotted several bald eagles. But the lake itself is the main attraction: soft, sandy beaches strewn with driftwood and outcroppings of ancient glaciated rock, with Mount Cheam peeking over the hills on the southern side of the lake.

Othello Tunnels: rich history and stunning views

What is remarkable about the Othello Tunnels is not so much the view; it’s their rich history.
Image: Joel Smart

Teapots and trilliums abound at Cultus Lake

The first time I hiked Teapot hill, I didn’t notice the teapots.

Willband Creek Park: a peaceful birdwatching paradise

The health benefits of walking are underestimated. Not only does it get you moving — which aids your muscles, heart, and joints — but it also reduces stress levels.

Lynn Peak: an alternative to the Grouse Grind

If you’re ever looking for a hike that will serve as a not-so-gentle reminder of just how out of — or in — shape you are, Lynn Peak is where it’s at.

Peace, quiet, and the Fraser River

If you need a dose of Mother Nature and Mill Lake isn’t cuting it, try the Matsqui Trail.