Sports you’ve never heard of: Nude Rugby

Nudity and professional sports have far more in common than many people are aware of. For example, the word “gymnasium” actually comes from the ancient Greek word “gymnasion,” which literally translates to “school for naked exercise.” As if that wasn’t enough, ancient Greek Olympics also had the players perform totally nude – both as a celebration of the male body and as a tribute to the gods – with the exception of the few who wore leather penis restraints called “kynodesmes,” which means “dog leash.” Some even went so far as to daub themselves with olive oil to enhance their appearance, much like modern-day bodybuilders (and vain beach-dwellers).

Sports you’ve never heard of: Air sex

Immature (and virginal) axe-slinging tweens have been comparing guitar playing to the act of sex with a nudge and a grin since the instrument was invented, so it seemed only a matter of time before air guitar was taken to the next level as well. And suddenly, lo and behold, along came the sport that answered everyone’s prayers: air sex.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Polar bear swim

Real polar bears don't mind the cold. Perhaps that’s what the human fans of yearly polar bear swims are trying to attain with the annual tradition of hurling themselves into freezing water. In Canada, the polar bear swim (also known as polar bear plunge or dip) is celebrated on New Years Day. At the Vancouver polar bear swim, most participants register, although they don't have to. Registering, which includes a donation of food to the Food Bank, gets you a small amount of swag and the fuzzy feeling that your contribution is going to people in need. But is this fuzzy feeling enough to keep you warm in the wintry water? In short, no: most polar bear swim participants leave the beach shortly after the dip for the warmth of their showers or hot tubs.

Sports you’ve never heard of: bunny show jumping

Bunny show jumping, according to the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club, first began as Kaninhoppning in Sweden in the late 1970s, with a club beginning to compete within their small group. But, as rabbit jumping became more and more popular, these small, disorganized groups of jumpers began to communicate, and soon merged to create the first group: the Swedish Federation of Rabbit Jumping in 1994.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Aussie Rules Football

Leave it to the Australians to take a game and make it criminally violent. Aussie Rules Football is a baffling combination of soccer, rugby, basketball, and, occasionally, UFC fighting. Essentially, the goal of the game is to either carry or kick the ball between the goal posts – a classic sporting concept. Except that this sport has earned its nickname, Aussie No Rules Footy. You can do basically anything you want to get the ball across the line, or to stop the opposite team from doing so. Each team plays with 18 men on the field at a time, although they do not play so much as they engage in brutal, body-crushing warfare. To picture a typical Aussie Rules match, imagine a good old game of American football, but subtract all the pads and steroids, and add in a different ball and a lot more hitting.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Noodling

As a child raised out in the country, a favourite past-time of my brothers and mine was to grab ourselves each a fishing rod and head down to the river and go fishing for the day. He-haw! I feel as though my childhood would have been much more interesting if we had adopted a more extreme attitude towards our leisurely activities and scrapped the fishing rod all together and used only our bare hands. If we had relocated to a Southern state and swapped salmon for catfish, we would have possibly been the youngest noodlers to engage in noodling.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Bossaball

The leaves are turning, there's a chill in the air and Christmas commercials are starting to pop up on television. But instead of focusing on the usual winter sports, my attention is on a summer sport. Imagine a sport that combines volleyball with trampolines, soccer with samba music and a little bit of the Brazilian martial arts dance Capoeira thrown in for show. Enter bossaball, a brand new sport invented in 2005 by a Belgian genius named Filip Eyckmans.

Floating to relaxation in a sensory deprivation tank

Sensory deprivation tanks are essentially giant tanks of water with a high salt concentration in which a person floats in relative or complete darkness.

Sports you’ve never heard of: Extreme Roundabout

Invented on the OLN travel program Departures this new weird sport may just be the most timely we have published in this fine weekly. As you may well have already noticed, Abbotsford is proud owner of many new roundabouts, and we can only assume that this trend will continue. Now, that leaves the question, as our fair city and the entire province blossoms with circular roadways: what do we do with all these merry car-go-rounds?

Sports you’ve never heard of: Toe Wrestling

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thum-…wait, a toe war? Toe wrestling, different from thumb wrestling, but similar to arm wrestling, is an official sport in the United Kingdom. Although unusual and relatively unheard of, toe wrestling has been around since 1976, starting in Wetton, Derbyshire. Patrons of ‘Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn’ decided to hold a toe wresting competition the same year, and ever since, the world championships have been occurring annually.