Dayton Pagliericci volleys into new season

As the Cascades men’s volleyball team comes home from their second road trip of the month, third-year criminology student Dayton Pagliericci is midway through his second season as a middle on the team. Pagliericci talks about balancing athletics and his studies, his favourite moments with the team, and the team dynamics this season.

A preview of men’s volleyball

After a solid three weeks, the Cascades men’s volleyball team heads into their new season. Head coach Kyle Donen talks about the team’s strengths and weaknesses this year, as well as their recent winning weekend.

Chatting on the court with Mandelyn Erickson

With a new coach and a new roster, the Cascades women’s volleyball team is gearing up for a new season. Veteran athlete Mandelyn Erikson, a middle on the team and a third year English and psychology student, opens up about her history with the sport, and what fans can expect to see in the upcoming season.

UFV volleyball’s Adam Chaplin serves it up

Coming off a quarter-final finish last season, the men’s volleyball team hopes to build upon last year’s success and take it even further. Part of the reason for that success was outside hitter, Adam Chaplin. With the 2015-16 volleyball season fast approaching, Chaplin sits down to talk about what made him fall in love with the sport, what his goals for himself and the team are, the two coaches he has played under in his Cascades career, and even archery.

Mike Gilray steps in as new women’s volleyball coach

Mike Gilray was hired in May as the new coach of the women’s volleyball team after over a decade of coaching volleyball in BC, including leading provincial teams to the podium at the Canada Summer Games, the Western Canada Summer Games, and the BC Summer Games. He has also coached at both the secondary and post-secondary level in both BC and Alberta.