The Front Page

The Front Page

New student groups move into SUB office rooms

"After going through the application process and proving that the group was in need of space on campus and would use it well, last August saw SUS informing successful groups that they’d been granted space for the following 12 months."

A new major has arrived, en français

After many years of development, UFV will be able to offer students a French major as soon as September.

High school students shadow city councillors

These high school students are combatting political apathy in youth by getting early exposure to the municipal political process.

Foreign workers discussion sparks debate on abuse

A discussion on Canada’s temporary foreign workers policies turned into a debate regarding abuse of workers in agriculture when Liberal critic for citizenship, immigration, multiculturalism, and seniors John McCallum visited UFV.

The political sales pitch makes apathy easy

Every time I turn around, someone is lamenting the loss of the elusive Sasquatch that is the “youth vote.” Youth apathy is hauled out every election at every level of government as a reason for why this party or that didn’t win.

Spelunking with The Cascade

A month before this first issue as Editor in Chief, I found myself in a cave that was more like a tunnel.

Aviation grads get their wings

For most of us, becoming a pilot means turning on Top Gun and living vicariously through Tom Cruise and his aviators. But for a select few UFV students, becoming a pilot is now more than a Hollywood dream — it’s a reality.

UFV holds two of 2000 Canada Research Chairs

Lenore Newman and Hugh Brody showcase research on a national scale with the help of UFV’s undergraduates

Cherry trees in space: Faster-growing and fewer-petalled than those on earth

How do you baffle a botanist? Ship a cherry pit into space and watch it bloom twice as quickly when it returns to Earth.

Snapshots: “Perspective” theme

Curtailed commentary on the current theme: "Perspective".