Tossing them over the fence and sweeping them under the rug

Though illegal in Canada until 1988, there is currently no set law on abortion. In the Canadian government’s attempts to remain neutral on the topic for the sake of not stepping on toes, what they have really done is cause the issue to change its focus. The issue seems to have changed from determining when life starts in the womb to whether or not it is ethical to kill human life. The lack of an abortion law as well as the blurred moral boundaries on this subject has led to an issue now commonly known as infanticide, or the practice of killing a human infant.

Rethinking our referendums: SUS learns from mistakes

The rules for SUS referendums at UFV just became a lot tougher – and about three times as long.

Meet Mr. Athletics: Rocky Olfert hired as UFV’s new Athletics director

Coming to UFV at a somewhat turbulent point in the history of the department, Rocky Olfert will be responsible for building on the successes of his predecessors and avoiding some of their mistakes.

Entomophagy: The art of eating bugs

Beyond the cool factor, could eating insects help sustainably end starvation around the globe? The United Nations say yes!

John Martin spills on his decision to swap parties

UFV’s own John Martin, a professor in criminology, has decided to continue with his other career – the political spotlight. After running as a card holding Conservative in last April’s Chilliwack-Hope by-election and coming up third, he’s now with the BC Liberals and eyeing the Chilliwack riding nomination for BC’s general election on May 14, 2012. He’s spoken with The Cascade to explain.

Intersection fix in the works near CEP

The City of Chilliwack is working to put up some form of traffic control at a dangerous intersection close to the new Canada Education Park campus.

Be aware of bath salts

Nicknamed bath salts for its appearance, a dangerous cocktail of Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is growing in popularity as well as becoming a growing concern for the Government of Canada. MDPV has yet to be regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and due to its newness.

Thank Christ it’s not Christmas

November is only nearing its end and I have already been bombarded with Christmas music and Yuletide advertising. If it were only the case that this apparent devotion to the holidays really meant joy and goodwill amongst men (and women). Alas, such early signs of Sinterklaas and Saturnalia mean no such thing. No, instead it is something much more momentous and oh so important: shopping season has arrived.

Gluten-free cooking class for a growing Celiac population

On the evening of Friday September 23, Lepp Farm Market hosted a gluten-free ethnic night that addressed the kind of restrictions Celiac's disease puts on an individual’s diet, and how a menu be altered to accommodate such restrictions.

Scattershot: Assorted vignettes from my head to yours

The week before reading break is always difficult. It’s not because courses are starting to get harder, or because professors are starting to assign more, but because the looming freedom of a week off is incredibly distracting.