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Chair scare (and why you should care)



The Student Union Building has become infested. Not by rodents or insects, as far as I’m aware. No, it’s a larger, much more obstinate pest that makes no efforts to hide its presence. You know what I’m talking about, of course: the chairs.

It’s great that we have ample seating, don’t get me wrong. What’s not so great is that there’s too much for the space, or at the very least, it’s poorly arranged. Trying to navigate from the parking metre on one end of the atrium to the water bottle filling station on the other is a perilous endeavour that’ll have even the most nimble of people dodging and weaving around studying students scattered around tables and lethargic latte-lovers clumped in an amorphous line around Fair Grounds, waiting for their orders to be ready.

Heaven forbid you should want to climb up the central staircase — you’ll be far faster waiting for the elevator than trying to chart a course through the sea of chairs and outstretched legs. It’s an annoyance if you’re running late, and a hazard if you travel too quickly. At this rate, I’m going to have to start actually talking to people and saying excuse me soon.

Image: Simar Haer/The Cascade

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