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CIVL Shuffle: Country Changes Edition

CIVL Shuffle: Country Changes Edition



By Dave Cusick (CIVL Director of Programming / The Podfather) – Email

I have elected to share these songs with you, to represent the changes our country has seen this week.

Dinah Christie

“Justin Pierre”

In 1972, Canadian actress Dinah Christie put out a 7” record on the Molson Canadian Awards label, with the A-side “I Can Hear Canada Singing,” a song with as much Canadian optimism and boosterism could possibly fit onto a vinyl disc. The single’s B-side, “Justin Pierre,” welcomed then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s newborn son into the world, both in English and en Français. When asked about the song at a 2015 press conference by Vancouver journalist John Ruskin (AKA Nardwuar, the Human Serviette), the Justin Pierre deflected the question by saying “I don’t have that particular song on my iPod.”

David Bowie


You know what also got released in 1972? David Bowie’s “Changes,” that’s what.

The New Pornographers

“The Laws Have Changed”

“It was crime at the time, but the laws, we changed ‘em.” One can hope, can’t they, bud?

Neko Case

“Red Tide”

Speaking of the New Pornographers, I interviewed Neko Case, a member of that band, for radio in 2009. It was a surly morning for her, and when she got on the subject of whales that turn violent after years in captivity, she gave me the best piece of tape anyone ever has: “It’s like making your teenage kid live in your refrigerator. If I was a teenage kid, living in a refrigerator, I would bite somebody’s leg off, too. Probably worse. I would put hot dogs in their eyeholes, and then I would laugh my head off.” I could not believe the privilege of getting to put that quote onto public radio.

The Nylons

“Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye”

I know the original is a classic from the ‘60s, but I’m partial to the cheesy ‘80s version. Goodbye.

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