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CIVL Shuffle — June 13, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy is excited for this Thursday’s smorgasbord of local music excitement, and encourages you to read ALL THE WAY TO THE END of this shuffle to find out about it all!

Dennis Leary – “Asshole”

Am I the first one to relate to this classic 1990’s originally-satire-but-ultimately-just-an-amazing-and-classic-piece-of-modern-songwriting-genius, in the same breath as the newly and constantly either revered or reviled President of the United States of America, or is this old hat?

Saves the Day – “Through Being Cool”

At the millennium’s turn, in a time I like to refer to as Y2K, as did the rest of everyone at the time, a cutesily named and vocalized band called Saves the Day released this record, and this title track with the line “Nick, why are you such a prick?”

Casinos – “Bad Decisions”

The title of Casino’s brand new single, immortalized in video thanks to Cassiar Film Co., and in particular, former managing editor of The Cascade and current CIVL board of directors president, Mitch Huttema and co., this song, and its visual accompaniment, ponders the consequences of poorly thought through actions taken with little concern.

The Sylvia Platters – “Daphne”

This may have been previously shuffled, but this Thursday evening when Casinos release their new video at the Kariton Art Gallery, Vicinity Lounge downtown hosts the Platters with Lethbridge’s Body Lens, and more local Abbotsford heroes in a packed evening of music and celebration throughout the land/town of beautiful stabby!

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