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CIVL Shuffle — March 21, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy knows you enjoyed the PRLC birthday celebration for Mac the Therapy Dog, and hopes you’ll enjoy this shuffle of dog songs as per Arts Editor Martin Castro’s request. :)

The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

This song was aped by one of my all-time modern faves, Queens of the Stone Age, on their debut, self-titled, 1998 masterwork and dubbed “If Only.,” It features a nearly identical riff, melody, and guitar tone, but replaces Iggy’s trademark snarl with Homme’s more southern drawl.

Modest Mouse – “Wild Pack of Family Dogs”

A quirky, silly, cutesy little ditty dropped into the centre of an otherwise ethereal-sounding turn from the most humble of rodents from the Pacific Northwest, with a parable and a caution to those thinking of quitting their jobs or getting fired, which is still ok if you want rewards.

Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog”

This song leads off the cleanup record for that Hindenburg-like craft that was doomed to sink like the “led” of its namesake, according to The Who drummer Keith Moon, upon first witnessing the original reincarnation of the Yardbirds, and its lyrics do not actually contain the word “dog.”

Regular Fucked Up People – “Brindle Bunny Killa”

Chicago’s Longface stopped by O’Neill’s Home Cooking earlier this year, and one half of the defunct duo Regular Fucked Up People performed this RFUP classic, a song about that half, Anthony’s dog, who apparently has a taste for hare, and a hair of the dog for a joke I can’t make.

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