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CIVL Shuffle —March 28, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy thinks the world is going pretty crazy lately, and he was in high school when 9/11 happened!

Radiohead – “Electioneering”

This song always reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, wherein Ben Stein asks if “anyone” knows about the term “Voodoo Economics,” quoted in this tune, the title of which refers directly to this Cambridge Analytica scandal, in that they were able to execute the titular move for Donald.

Ella Fitzgerald – “Stormy Weather”

That bugle horn, the Louis Armstrong special, performed by Harry “Sweets” Edison, may be the Dizzy Gillespie fashioned Harbinger of the storm to come for the GOP, and what we currently and barely refer to as the legitimate POTUS in that ivory home. Point being, did you watch 60 minutes?

Matthew Good Band – “A Boy and His Machine Gun”

“Don’t move / stay right where you are / talking can only give you away.” Matthew Good comes to town March 31 with Our Lady Peace, and I doubt he’s going to play this 1999 B-Side from Beautiful Midnight, but darn, isn’t this just such a relevant song for today’s political climate?

The Offspring – “Americana”

More along the juvenile “when I was in high school and still liked stuff like this” lines, singer Dexter Holland opened the title track from this kinship’s massive 1998 second round of breaking out album: “Well I’d like to tell you all about my dream, it’s a place / well **** you.”

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