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CIVL Shuffle — March 7, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy wants you to know what you may already know, in that if you are or were at Castle Fun Park from 6-10 a.m. (or so? Maybe finished earlier than 10?), then you may or may not have participated as an extra in the music video shoot that Cassiar Film Co. is doing for local rocksters Casinos as a prize for their positive adjudication in this past winter’s Fraser Valley Music Awards! Here’s some “extra” songs!

MF DOOM Hooks is Extra

MF DOOM is known as many things; the Metal Face, Metal Fingers, Money Folder, the Mother Father, kinda, Viktor Vaughn, just plain DOOM, and so many more, but here he is, reminding you that hooks are not part of the standard entry-level package provided to those retaining his services.

Britney Spears Piece of Me

Ozma Game Over

If we’ve ever met, and we’ve talked about the American rock and pop band I used to love named Weezer (typed =w= if you’re super cool), then no doubt I’ve told you about the experience I had watching this band of =w= aficionados opening for the vaunted ones in Hamilton.

Gob Extra Extra!

From Langley’s unchallenged locally seminal ‘90s punk record, Too Late… No Friends, comes this song that I did not previously know existed, but which is a great tie-in to go out on for this Casinos edition of the CIVL Shuffle. Remember the “jump in a lake” video?! That’s this!

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