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CIVL Shuffle — November 28, 2018



CIVL and Station Manager Aaron Levy are partnering with MCC and Inaugural Fraser Valley Music Award winner for hip-hop, Saint Soldier, to work with local young adults on “speaking their mind” and sharing their own personal experiences through spoken word, music, and storytelling. Here are four songs in honour of the Speak Your Mind project!

No Doubt – “Don’t Speak”

Flamenco guitars, a reggae vibe chorus, and a Marilyn in the Garden of Good and Evil style video that probably has a more specific than Adam and Eve literary reference to it and I haven’t placed it yet … This is who Michael Moore blames for the Donald era of America.

Green Day – “F.O.D.”

The closer to Green Day’s breakout commercial success, ironically, or just purposively, is named after a euphemism for making a bowel movement, but this song is more than just an F-U to the mainstream; it’s also a torch song. “Something’s on my mind / it’s been for quite some time.”

Do Make Say Think – “In Mind”

The first song on the first record released by this instrumental Toronto fore-bearer of the Torontopia musical revolution to include vocals. Not the opening track, but the inaugural vocalization. It’s been a decade and they haven’t repeated the trick yet. Something to keep in mind for the time being.

Tool – “H.”

One of the least favourite and most popular bands of all time (go figure), but this song, from an album thematically in tribute to one of the greatest and bravest comedic minds of all time, Bill Hicks, includes the emphatic chant, amidst some sick bass: “I don’t mind.”

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