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CIVL Shuffle

CIVL Shuffle: Run the Jewel edition

CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy hopes you’re as stoked as he is about Run the Jewels 2.



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station Manager) – Email

Print Edition: November 5, 2014


CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy hopes you’re as stoked as he is about Run the Jewels 2.

Rage Against the Machine

“Tire Me”

“I wanna be Jackie Onassis, I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses, I wanna be Jackie O, oh, oh, oh, please don’t die!” Probably my favourite RATM song ever (which doesn’t say much, since I’m not a huge fan). Singer Zack appears on RTJ2, track 4. Power up.

Blink 182

“Party Song”

Travis Barker, formerly of the Aquabats and Transplants whose members he was in a scary plane crash with years back drums on a mid-album track on RTJ2 that really fleshes out El-P’s Southern style for this new act of Run The Jewels’ development. “Party Song” is really funny.


“Drunk in Love”

Boots, of RTJ2 standout “Early,” contributed “additional production, background vocals and instruments” to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” according to Wiki-wiki-wiki-wak-ipedia. “Early” is really one of the classic tracks of RTJ2, and sets it apart from RTJ original, somewhat … “Early” on. I like wordplay like Killer Mike likes 2 Chainz.

Noah 23 ft Ceschi


My boy Noah recently reminisced about finding himself onstage back in ’04 with Subtitle, Busdriver and Matisyahu at SXSW with the Unicorns, including Islands’ Nick, who appears on RTJ1’s standout “Sea Legs.” This turn includes a Daniel Johnston sample, and is from Noah’s star-studded Rock Paper Scissors. J’aime le tambour.

Killer Mike


“All day I dream about sex” is turned into an acronym as both clothing line ADIDAS and a Korn song, and on this one we can also find Big Boi from Outkast, who appears on RTJ1’s “Banana Clipper.” Both are laden with inappropriate content. Baby, Mike’s no perv.

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