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CIVL Shuffle — September 19, 2018



CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy shuffles a series of songs that may get you talking, or may otherwise just slip through the fingers of being busy at the start of the semester. Either way, if you check them out, you’ll enjoy.

Thin Lips – “Gaslight Anthem” (The song, not the band)

Heard this song a couple weeks ago while it was in queue for the Earshot20! radio program hosted by CIVL broadcast on campus and community radio stations all over the country. This fearsome Philly sweet-rock song includes a reference in its name to 2008’s fave throwback greaser band, Gaslight Anthem.

Land of Talk – “Street Wheels”

I was once interviewing a band as they were in the studio being produced by Jace Lasek, producer of this, Land of Talk’s brilliant debut EP slash seven-track album, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss, and I told them to let him know their album should sound just like this song.

Lyrics Born – “I Changed My Mind”

A great intro, a deep voice, a sick bassline, a classic meter, and all of the sweet soulful plodding necessary to put a perk in your step and a jump in your pep. That may’nt have been very lyrical, but certainly, its logic was spherical. Poet trying to note it.

Robbie Williams – “Rock DJ”

The video where he tears off his skin at the end, revealing a ripped, muscular, no skin and just a bit of bone version made, I imagine, mostly of computer graphics, while the rest of the video’s cast roller skates around him in some oddly wholesome 1960’s style of recreation.

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