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CIVL Shuffle: Super Troll edition



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station) – Email

Print Edition: February 4, 2015


In honour of this past weekend’s Super Troll Sunday, I listened to some Eve 6, where the video for the song “Leach” included singer Max whomever sporting a Seahawks-themed T-shirt. Here’s a shuffle of TV-inspired songs/bands.

Eve 6


This is, I think, said band’s absolutely most effectively written and recorded piece of singing and / or songwriting inclusively. It’s somewhat immature (“I loved you while he was in you in the shower / Did in joy and ecstasy your eyes begin to water?”) but it’s still good tunage for the uninitiated.

Weird Al

“Theme Song”

“This is a story about a guy named Al, and he lived in the sewer with his hamster pal, but the sanitation workers really didn’t approve, so he packed up his accordion and had to move to a city in Ohio where he lived in a tree, and … ” From. Memory.

B.A. Johnston

“Lonnie Anderson”

“If I could build me a time machine,” broods Hamiltonian and frequent Abbotsford, BC tourist B.A. Johnston, “maybe Jennifer the receptionist would marry me.” I always thought Lonnie was Pam’s mom. But then why would Pam have to be a Lioness … but they look so similar … in Cincinnati.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Throw Away Your Television”

This is exactly the era of RHCP that started reminding me that, no matter how popular Californication was, or had been or still is, there’s no way these guys hadn’t recorded all of their best stuff nearly 15 years before. And that was two comebacks prior. Three?

Moxy Fruvous

“Video Bargainville”

If I was Moxy Fruvous, and my career took off attempting to educate the youth of my day with humourous yet progressive pieces of valuable information that would encourage those around me and in our communities to appreciate and respect what and who lives around us more, I’d promote real local businesses.

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